Blake's Superhero Agency

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Type: Superhero/Action-Adventure
Last-Update: 2022Jun07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


1977. Blake's Superhero Agency, run by Director Toni Blake, was a superhero organization during the 1970s based in Beverly Hills, California consisting of superheroes who fought evil during that decade. Among the heroes were the powerful Swedish superhero quartet (consisting of two married couples) "The Souper Troupers", the bearded cowboy hat-wearing superhero trio the ZZs, the reformed Viking Berzerker Wizzard, the green-skinned monster-mutant Hulk Ferrigno, who in his human form was physician Bill Banner, and other super heroes.

In 1977, a young superheroine, Light-Up Life, joined the agency. The third of four daughters from the Arcturus star system, she stayed behind when her sisters returned to Arcturus. She joined the agency and assumed the identity of "Light-Up-Life" and was disguised as Deborah Kensington, the daughter of a Beverly Hills millionaire and a journalism student. Deborah was thousands of years old and was immortal but had the appearance of a twenty-one-year-old human woman. She had blonde hair and brown eyes and wore a costume consisting of a pink dress, the skirt of which ran down over pink pants and a flower in her hair.

"Light-Up Life" had extraordinary powers. She had superhuman strength far beyond that of Superman, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, superhuman vison including X-Ray, infrared, microscopic, telescopic, and night vision, superhuman hearing, psychic abilities, and psychokinetic abilities, plus the ability to communicate with animals. She performed one memorable act for Blake's Superhero Agency, which scored number-one on the the U.S. Billboard Superhero Chart. She became famous and was honored by mankind, including the President of the United States. Then suddenly "Light-Up Light" faded from the spotlight.

She became known as a "One-Hit Superhero Wonder", and was forgotten and was overshadowed by new male British superhero siblings "The Brothers Quartet" and American disco-dancing hero "Saturday Night Man."

Now forgotten Light-Up-Light fell in love with a human man from a powerful Hollywood family, renounced her powers, got married, and had four children. She changed her name from Deborah Kensington to Constance Stanwyk. Deborah/Constance aged like fine wine, maturing in her looks but never losing her blonde hair to gray or getting wrinkled.

2022. Vladislav Sidorov, the President of Russia, launches the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When the U.S. and its allies aid Ukraine and the Ukrainians start beating the Russians back President Sidorov unleashes his ultimate weapon: the Khoskkas (Russian for "cat"), a group of genetically-engineered Russian super-soldiers. They defeat the Ukrainians in combat and horrify the rest of the world. President Sidorov then turns these super-soldiers on the rest of the world, bringing NATO to its knees and conquering Europe. These super-soldiers have the ability tom infiltrate governments and organizations anytime, anywhere and defeat any army in combat. They also have a horrifying secret.

The Khoshkas possess the DNA of snow leopards and when the thing that transforms the transformation of the Gallier siblings into leopards in the movie "The Cat People" and when that happens the Khoshkas are transformed into vicious snow leopards much larger and stronger than the regular snow leopard, and more deadly. Not only can their claws rip any living thing apart with one swipe, their bites can cause their victims to become snow leopards. So they must be kept under control with drugs.

The Khoshkas are unstoppable. But there is hope. In 2021, Deborah Kensington's powers return and she wakes up one morning to find that she has returned to her appearance, the appearance of a twenty-one-year-old woman. The process happens gradually and after her husband, children, and grandchildren notice after having not known of Deborah's true identity, she comes clean with them and tells of them of her brief superhero career with Blake's Superhero Agency. They are surprised but they don't get angry with Deborah for not telling them. Her husband encourages her to return to the superhero business, as do her children and grandchildren.

Deborah makes plans to get out her pink costume and return to the identity of "Light Up Life." While walking through Griffith Park in Los Angeles she reads an ad in the newspaper from Director Toni Blake, who has just died and has set up a virtual-reality contest on an obscure computer VR network. Whoever wins it will be the new owner of Blake's Superhero Agency.

Deborah enters the contest and wins it, and becomes the new owner and Director of Blake's Superhero Agency. She is surprised to get responses. It turns out that Light-Up Life wasn't a one-hit wonder at the agency after all. The other superheroes had loved her, and were angered she didn't get a fair chance to prove herself.

The Super Troupers, who had been married and had divorced in the late 1970s and had disbanded in 1982, feared for their country of Sweden after a Russian Khoshka invasion. They reassemble immediately. The ZZs also reassemble. Hulk Ferrigno also returns, as does Wizzard. An African-American superheroine quartet from Detroit who had fought crime there in the 1960s and who had disbanded after turning on each other, put aside their differences and also reassemble. The Brothers Quartet, who had overshadowed "Light-Up Life", also returned, as did "Saturday Night Man" and the other 1970s superheroes.

New heroes joined as well including "Fernando", a Mexican lancer hero, and "Maverick Cruise", a Tom Cruise lookalike who piloted a powerful super-plane, as did other new super-heroes.

The heroes who had overshadowed "Light Up Life", the Brothers Quartet and Saturday Night Man, suggested to "Light Up Life" that she adopt a new name for herself and a new costume. The Brothers made her a new black outfit with sparkling sequins, black earrings, and a black flower in her hair, and Saturday Night Man, who had heard the song "Moonlight Shadow", suggested she adopt the name. Deborah gracefully accepted the outfit and the suggestion offered by the heroes who had overshadowed her so long ago, and she became the superheroine Moonlight Shadow.

Moonlight Shadow adopted two disguises for herself. One is Deborah Kensington, a young reporter who works for MSNBC, now headquartered in Los Angeles, and Constance Stanwyk, the elderly but good-looking aged-like-fine-wine wife of her husband, mother of her children, and grandmother of her grandchildren and a singer of the Great American Songbook.

Moonlight Shadow and the new heroes of "Blake's Superheroes" begin the fight against Russia and its deadly Khoshka super-soldiers. Whenever there's trouble, Moonlight Shadow has various ways of transforming into her superheroine identity from her Deborah Kensington and Constance Stanwyk identities and transforming from Deborah Kensington and Constance Stanwyk and back again. The other superheroes, both 1970s and twenty-first century, also have various ways of transforming. Join the fight against President Sidorov and his band of deadly Russian Khoshka super-soldiers. You can play as any one of the aforementioned 1970s heroes, the new heroes, or create your own. To join: contact the GM at A character sheet will be provided.


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