No Sweat: Aerobic Justice

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Type: Superhero/Action-Adventure
Last-Update: 2022Apr05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


"You have a chance to turn yourself around and use your powers and abilities to fight evil and help those in need! You don't have to be a criminal! You can be something much better! Don't pass up this chance, Aerobicide!"

-Walter Townsend

It's 2032. When Susie Payne was young she was told that in order to be happy she had to marry a rich man. She exercised day and night. Exercise became her obsession but before she could reach the point where she could do irreparable damage to her body her father stopped her and got her some help. The male doctors diagnosed Susie as having an addiction to exercise and that she needed help. To take her mind off exercising Susie's father took her with him to the Moon, where he worked at a lunar scientific facility owned by a wealthy millionaire.

This changed her life forever. One day she got caught outside and was exposed to cosmic rays, which gave her incredible powers. She gained superhuman strength, superhuman speed and incredible agility, superhuman vision enabling her to see at night and in all points of the spectrum and telescopic and microscopic vision, superhuman hearing, the ability to shoot electricity from her fingers, telekinesis, the ability to leap great distances, the ability to fly, and psychic abilities. Her skin became bulletproof and she was unable to die. Her only weakness was her ditzy side, which could be used against her

Susie developed a hatred for men and was determined o destroy them. Now she owns a health spa and is an aerobics instructor. She also has another identity: the criminal Aerobicide. When its time to go out and force fat rich men to exercise and rob them, Susie transforms into Aerobicide by saying "One-and-two-and One-two-three anddoing jumping jacks, starting out slow and going faster and faster until she changes into Aerobicide.

Aerobicide, together with her two sidekicks, Bend and Stretch, go out and target fat rich men by making them exercise and then robbing them. But there's one thing. Aerobicide won't kill. This aerobics-crazed villainess doesn't want to take any life. She just wants to make men sweat.

But it doesn't matter whether Aerobicide kills or not. She is still a criminal, and its only a matter of time before one of her victims is seriously injured or killed after having experienced Aerobicide's forced aerobics regimens.

Aerobicide's robberies must be stopped. When millionaire Malcolm Forrester is kidnapped by Aerobicide and her two evil sidekicks, his wife goes to the police. But the Los Angeles Police Department is corrupt and its officers are on the payroll of many of the city's top criminals, including Aerobicide. And Bend happens to be the daughter of a corrupt cop.

So Malcolm Forrester's wife hires veteran private investigator Walter Townsend to track Aerobicide down and stop her. But stopping Aerobicide will not be easy. She is as strong as Superman and immortal. But Townsend succeeds in capturing Aerobicide by luring her to the lab of a scientist friend, who traps her in a forcefield cage from which she cannot escape. He then brings Aerobicide's father to talk to her. Aerobicide's father is the only man she loves. Somehow her father gets through to her and convinces her to stop her criminal ways. Townsend then tells her the above quote and convinces her to reform. Aerobicide changes her ways, releases Malcolm Forrester, and agrees to use her powers and abilities to fight for what's right and help others. She convinces Bend and Stretch to do the same. Susie sells her health spa and joins Walter's agency as a private detective, as do Bend and Stretch. Aerobicide changes from a criminal to a superheroine. Whenever there's trouble, Susie Payne ducks out of sight, says "One-and-two, One-and-two, one-two-three and!" and does jumping jacks, going faster and faster and changes from her fashionable dresses and business suits to her mask, spandex costume, and dark knee-length boots. Bend and Stretch transform by putting on special rings. Then Aerobicide and her sidekicks, Bend and Stretch, go into action battling evil. Aerobicide and Bend and Stretch and have the help of their fellow private detectives and several allies: Bigfoot, a hairy manlike beast with human intelligence and extraordinary powers that was created by a scientist that performed an experiment combining human genes and the DNA from a fossil of the extinct ape Gigantopethecus, the purpose of which was to study rage only to find that he had passed his goodness and compassion on to his creation, WereCat, a man who transforms into a leopard as a result of being a member of the ancient species "The Cat People", who transform into monstrous leopards when they get angry but who has gained the ability to control his transformations and transform when he chooses and keep his humanity and uses his abilities to fight evil, Dynamix, an African-American cyborg who rides a motorcycle and is armed with all sorts of fantastic weaponry, Stinger, a sentient police robot, Bernie I. Maxwell, an intelligent monkey, and Holoman, a holographic superhero created by an LAPD police officer on a computer.

Instead of forcing fat rich slobs to exercise and taking their money Aerobicide now forces villains to exercise or tells Bend and Stretch to rough them up. Her allies help her.

Join the fight! Available positions:

1. Aerobicide/Susie Payne 2. Bend 3. Stretch 4. Bigfoot 5. WereCat 6. Dynamix 7. Police Robot 8. Bernie I. Maxwell 9. Holoman 10. Walter Townsend's private detectives 11. Villain

To join: contact the GM at Feel free to change the background of any character to suit your needs and submit a bio for any villain.


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