Storm Front

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Last-Update: 2022Apr05
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It is the near future. The Russia-Ukraine War has ended with the Istanbul Accords. In exchange for a Russian agreement to end hostilities the Ukrainian government has agreed to a compromise. Ukraine agrees to declare itself neutral and not join NATO, allow Russia to keep the Crimean Peninsula and cede the eastern part of the country to Russia, where ethnic Russians are the majority in both region. The arrangement is not what the Ukrainian people want, but its the only way to end a brutal conflict that will only lead to a further senseless loss of life on both sides.

The Ukrainian people, however, are angry at their leaders for giving in so easily to the Russians and ceding a large part of their homeland. The Russia-Ukraine War is over, but the problems in Europe, and around the world, are just beginning....

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War have ignited far-right political movements. In Europe far-right regimes have come to power across the Continent. In France and Germany new right-wing regimes have come into power. In Paris a new far-right government under a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte has come into power. In Berlin is a regime led by a young right-wing female Chancellor. This begins a right-wing revolution that spreads across the Continent. In Sweden the government in Stockholm is overthrown in a coup and a member of the Swedish Royal Family takes power and is determined to restore the ancient glory of the Vikings. In Austria the Austrian people vote for a union with Germany. German troops enter Austria for the first time since 1945 and "The Second Anschluss" happens.

Across Europe right-wing regimes take power from Ireland in the west to the Caucasus Mountains in the east with only Norway, Iceland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, Andorra, and Kosovo are spared. The right-wing wave across Europe becomes known as the Revolution of 2023.

In Russia the Russia-Ukraine War leads to the fall of autocrat Maksim Federov and the Russian people vote to restore the Russian monarchy and a new Czar is crowned.

In 2024 France, Germany, and the other right-wing regimes withdraw from the European Union and the E.U. dissolves. Tariffs are imposed on American goods by the new regimes, igniting a devastating global trade war. In 2025 the NATO alliance dissolves. Severe economic upheavals in Iceland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, Andorra, and Kosovo force those six nations to seek financial help from the new European powerhouses of France, Germany, and Sweden. They sign economic agreements with the three European powerhouses and as part of those agreements allow French, German, and Swedish companies to set up manufacturing plants within their borders. As a result these nations have mortgaged their futures to Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm.

The Covid-19 Pandemic leads to a surge in immigration to Europe from Africa and the Middle East. The immigrants are interned in detention camps or are sent to work in French, German, and Swedish factories in Iceland, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo.

In the late 2020s Europe becomes a continent filled with hatred, darkness, uncertainty, and fear. In 2027 France and Germany sign a new economic and political union called the European Confederation, or EurCon. The other nations of Europe join the new confederation. However. Iceland, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo refuse, seeing the new European Confederation as a new tyranny.

The Revolution of 2024 also spreads to the Americas. In North America the Parti Quebecois comes into power in Quebec and the Quebecois people vote to declare independence from Canada and Quebec becomes an independent nation. The new regime in Quebec City declares "Francophone Solidarity" with France and signs an economic and defense treaty with EurCon. EurCon forces are stationed in Quebecois soil and the Quebecois nationalize the St. Lawrence Seaway. EurCon forces are stationed along the Seaway.

In Latin America, a right-wing secessionist movement comes into existence in the northern provinces of Mexico and spreads to the Hispanic population in the states of the Southwestern United States. The northern provinces of Mexico declare independence, and the Republica del Norte (Republic of the North) is founded. This new nation allies with EurCon. In the Caribbean the Communist government in Cuba collapses and a right-wing government comes into power. Right-wing governments also come into power in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and other Caribbean nations. Following the example of EurCon they form the Caribbean Confederation or CaribCo. They sign economic and defense agreements with EurCon.

In Central America right-wing regimes come into power in all nine countries and also sign economic and defense agreements with EurCon. In Panama the management of the Panama Canal is granted to a Franco-German consortium. EurCon forces are stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. In South America right-wing regimes come to power in every country except Venezuela. Following the example of EurCon they form the South American Confederation or SouthAmCom. They sign economic and defense agreements with EurCon and begin to receive EurCon military aid. EurCon forces are stationed in northern Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

In the Middle East the Second Arab Spring of 2024 occurs. The secular Arab governments from Morocco in the west to Pakistan in the east fall and are replaced by Islamic governments. Egypt withdraws from the Camp David Accords with Israel and the Egyptian and Syrian governments sign the Damascus Accords, creating the Second United Arab Republic. Jordan withdraws from the Israel-Jordan Treaty and joins the Second United Arab Republic. Other Arab and Islamic nations, including Iran and Afghanistan join and the new Islamic Caliphate is created, spreading from Morocco in the west to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in the east. The new Caliphate allies with EurCon economically and militarily. Russian forces withdraw from Syria and EurCon and the new Caliphate assume responsibility for fighting the Syrian rebels and EurCon forces are stationed in North Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan.

Israel raises its defense spending and puts its armed forces on alert in the case of a EurCon/Caliphate invasion.

The Revolution of 2023 also reaches Africa. Poor economic conditions in Africa lead the nations of Africa to sign economic and defense agreements with EurCon. EurCon invests in African countries and EurCon corporations set up manufacturing plants in Africa. EurCon military forces are stationed in African nations, inciting anger among the native populations who fear a resurgence of colonialism. Like the six non-EurCon nations in Europe the nations of Africa have mortgaged their futures to the European confederation led by Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm.

The Revolution of 2023 reaches Asia as well. Protests over the restrictions imposed on their citizens during the COVID-19 Pandemic, opposition to American hegemony in Asia, fear of the rising economic and military might of China have led to re-emergence of the ancient Bushido warrior culture in Japan. Japan increases its defense spending and increases the size of its armed forces. For the first time since the end of World War II aircraft carriers appear in the Japanese Navy. The Imperial Japanese Air Force grows and the Japanese test their first atomic bomb and then build a a substantial nuclear weapons arsenal. Japan also invests in its economy and its economy grows.

In South Korea, the South Korean people vote to revive the Goryo monarchy and revive the ancient Hwarang tradition. South Korea also grows its economy and expands its armed forces and acquires nuclear weapons.

A right-wing government arises on Taiwan and in China right-wing independence movements allied with Japan and Korea come into existence in Hong Kong and Macau. On the Chinese mainland an underground EurCon/Japanese-supported independence movement among the Muslim Uyghurs arises.

As in Europe the Revolution of 2023 has a domino effect. On Taiwan the Taiwanese people vote to restore the ancient Chinese monarchy and ancient Chinese traditions, followed by the strengthening of their economy and armed forces. Ancient monarchies are also revived in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. In India the Indian people vote to revive the ancient Indian monarchy and expand the Indian armed forces and the economy. Mo

Japan, Korea, the newly-revived Asian monarchies, and India form the Greater Asia Prosperity Sphere (GAPS) and form an economic and military alliance with EurCon. The former Soviet republics of Asia also join. Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei do not. But economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic force those nations to seek Japanese, Korean, and Indian economic aid and allow Japanese, Korean, and Indian corporations to build factories in their countries.

In the South Pacific poor economic conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have forced New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, and the island nations of the South Pacific to seek economic aid from EurCon and the GAPS. They also permit EurCon and GAPS corporations to construct factories in their nations.

Two terrifying new tyrannies have arisen in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Pacific. In Europe America and Britain team up with the Eastern European, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Southern European democracies to stop EurCon's terrifying tyranny while resistance movements in EurCon-occupied territories and EurCon-dominated nations fight for freedom and Catalonian, Basque, Bavarian, Lega Norda, Canary Islands, and Sardinian freedom fighters battle to protect and preserve their people and cultures from enslavement and annihilation and Russian forces fight to stop a EurCon/GAPS invasion which includes armies from two former Soviet republics bent on revenge for Russian invasions.

In North America, American forces, aided by forces from Canada and Mexico, spring into action to protect American shipping on the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Panama Canal from EurCon forces and to prevent the two waterways from falling into EurCon hands and prevent Quebec from falling under EurCon occupation while Quebecois resistance fighters and Inuit resistance fighters in the Nunavik portion of Quebec battle EurCon from within and team up with Inuit resistance fighters in Greenland to free a newly-independent Greenland from EurCon occupation and U.S. and Mexican forces and Mexican freedom fighters in northern Mexico battle EurCon and Republica del Norte rebels. In the Caribbean American and British forces team up with resistance fighters to battle EurCon forces in the Caribbean and resistance fighters on islands seeking independence from EurCon and to prevent EurCon from using French and Dutch islands from being used to station EurCon forces and nuclear weapons.

In South America British forces must fight to free the Falkland Islands from a EurCon-supported Argentinian invasion force while American forces and resistance fighters battle to expel EurCon forces from South America.

In Africa American, British, and South African forces and resistance fighters battle EurCon forces in Africa, fighting to prevent EurCon from taking over the African continent and reviving colonialism.

In the Middle East Israeli forces battle to put down a new Palestinian intifada and battle EurCon forces in Syria while Kurdish freedom fighters and resistance fighters battle EurCon and Caliphate forces in the Middle East and in Asia American, British, Australian, and New Zealand forces and Polynesian freedom fighters and resistance fighters battle EurCon and the Japanese-dominated GAPS forces. As war rages across the world the danger of EurCon, Russia, and GAPS using nuclear weapons is a possibility and EurCon threatens the use of hypersonic missiles.

Join the fight! You can play as a character from any nation or a resistance fighter in occupied lands or a freedom fighter fighting to save your people from annihilation!

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