The Perils of Mortimer

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Costs: Always Free
Email: Me@here.there
Frequency: Weekly: Fridays
Type: goofy real-world-ish adventure (no magic)
Last-Update: 2022Apr05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, snail, human, modern, rpg, abstract


Adventure and mystery await you, as you embark on a quest for three wondrous items of power. You were hired by a man who footed the bill for your expedition across the world in search of three items he has named: the first being a gem that changes your fate, an object that is said to contain eternity within, and a location where the powerful nexus of this world sits. When you have found these, you will receive... well... more money than you have ever dreamed! But it's not a simple, straightforward mission, oh no. You will be trekking around the world with a group of fellow explorers and adventurers and archeologists... and a gas station attendant as well. You will meet strange tribes of people on never-before-known islands and cities; do battle, run out of jerky, and maybe survive long enough to attain al three items and make your fortune.

This is a homebrew role-playing adventure story set in the real world as we know it, but a few years ago when people weren't worried about C_vid.

To begin you will need a human adventurer with a name, and a description of your adventuring get-up: you were each given $2,000 to spend on stuff and a flight voucher for any airline by the person hiring you for the adventure to spend however you want, so tell me what you have bought, and what you take with you on your beginning trip to Costa Rica. There an envelope was waiting for you with $2,000 more each, and directions to a little watering hole, where you have heard there is information about the first of the items you will need to find: the famed and fabled, "Carbuncle of Destiny (not "carbuncle" the foot wart, but the gemstone that looks rather like one). Also tell me your profession, as well as your starting location (listed on your passport) and how the "man in the purple suit" hired you: what your profession is will matter in all activities related to your field, so also have a hobby (can be anything from horticulture to lawn gnome-painting), as it can help you along the way as well. Can work with you to create character.

There will be no explicit language, as I want it family-friendly.

This game can be run as a solo or group mission (1 to 5 players) and am willing to do more than one group at a time from same starting points at different times.

Submit your actions/queries throughout the week, and Friday I will write the narrative based on the interaction of players and send it to you either by e-mail or snail mail.

Inquiries only to this e-mail address


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