Thunder Rift White Box FMAG/BFRPG Play-by-Email

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Costs: Zero
Frequency: twice per month or once per week with real interest
Type: OSR Westmarches style Hexcrawl
Last-Update: 2021Dec28
Keywords: open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg, free


This is an OSR Westmarches style Hexcrawl using White Box FMAG and Omnibus,and Basic Fantasy rpg. It will occur in my own hex-version of the old Thunder Rift setting. One in which I entirely reworked some of the history, locales, sights, some terrain, and certainly its size. I do have it placed in a known campaign world from way back, but you'll not know nor need that for some time...if ever. Please join us and DO be expedient, very involved, and book-keepy. Check your email every couple of days to keep up and not miss the adventure/exploratory fun! If you knew Mentzer, Kask, and others like those guys, you'll really enjoy this!


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Greg Lindahl