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Type: War
Last-Update: 2021Dec15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


It is the near future. The turmoil of the Covid-19 pandemic from 2020-2022 and migrations to Europe from North Africa and the Middle East have plunged Europe into chaos and social upheaval. Nationalist right-wing governments come into power across the Continent. Out of this chaos emerges comes new European economic and military powerhouses France and Germany. France is led by a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. Germany is led by a Chancellor by a nationalist right-wing political party. This leads to the establishment of right-wing governments across the Continent that are allied with Paris and Berlin, including the ascension of a psychotic Swedish Crown Prince determined to re-establish the glory of the Vikings.

This has ramifications across the world. The new French President's policy of establishing Francophone glory and economic expansion leads to a fiery secessionist movement in the Canadian province of Quebec, which secedes from Canada and forms a new nation allied with France. The economic policies of France and Germany leads to a French consortium purchasing the Panama Canal and the Saint Lawrence Seaway and igniting a global trade war. France establishes a presence in the Middle East with French forces taking over aiding the Syrian regime in the Syrian Civil War.

As a result the NATO alliance dissolves. The European Union disintegrates. To replace the EU France and Germany create the new Franco-German-dominated European Confederation composed of every European nation except Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, who refuse to join EurCon. EurCon expands when Belarus and the former Soviet republics except Ukraine also join, which alarms the Ukraine and Russia.

A new tyranny arises in Europe and spreads to North America, Central America, South America, the Middle East, and the Pacific. The United States and the United Kingdom must team up with the Eastern European democracies to fight this new European menace, and are joined by Canada, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand in a global conflict that could change the map of Europe and some parts of the world forever!


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