The low born

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Costs: none
Frequency: every 2 days
Type: Ad&d 1st edit
Last-Update: 2021Oct28
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The Low born: an AD&D 1st edition campaign.

You and your mates have grown up under the shadow of a mighty benefactor, Lord Daynar Succundus. A benevolent, mysterious and enigmatic fighter lord with a penchant for exclusively hiring adventurers.

Your parents were ex slaves of the Black Kingdoms, liberated during Daynar's extended adventuring career. They served him and made a considerable fortune in salary, enough to pay your way to the local university, fighters school, apprenticeship and tutelage at some place or other (thieves guild, the arcane brotherhood, assassins guild, etc.). Now with skill and purpose, you returned to the high lords estate many moons later. Your parents were recently slaughtered in an audacious raid by enemies of the house lord.

While you're let go and free to do what you would and seek your own fortunes elsewhere, one of Daynar's men retrieves you from a lowly caravan guard duty to answer a summons to a secret meeting. Lord Daynar, promoted to the Lord Duke Commander of the city state of Lor seeks revenge for the terrible tragedies that happened. The people responsible must be rounded up and dealt with, and it must be personal and decisive. None of the clandestine activities can be linked back to the duke, for there are many political enemies who both fear and despise him. Not merely for his peculiar particulars but for his insights and advanced thinking.

One of the duke's agents, a master of espionage is assigned to design your campaign and provide you with necessary intelligence for the wet work involved. You're to be given substantial salaries and as perks for excellence, awarded special gifts to inspire you to greater levels of usefulness. The spy is to train you all hard and he is not in the slightest impressed with your present state of physicality. "Most of you will probably die, the black cloaks (the black guard) are exceptional adversaries skilled in ambush and treachery, assassination and abduction. Your pitiable skills at present are as a rusted dagger in the hands of a kobold runt. There are no heroes here, you work and operate as a team, as a single signature weapon and the wielder of which is the Lord Duke himself. Your bravado and ego? Kill them. Daynar paid a heavy price to give your parents a life few slaves could even dare to dream of. And now with yourselves, your legacy as low born ends here. If you need to be, you are all fighters, or wizards, or priests, or like myself a rogue and a fighter, and sometimes even an assassin if required. You are to be what House Succundus requires you to be, and be it exceptionally!"

You will start as 1st level adventurers.


1 ranger or fighter with tracking ability 1 magic-user 1 thief or assassin 1 straight fighter/melee specialization 1 multi classed char (fighter/cleric or magic-user) 1 elf (or half-elf) archer type 1 cleric


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