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Frequency: Weekly
Type: Alternate History, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Romance RPG
Last-Update: 2021Jul06
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, modern, rpg


200 years ago, a plague believed to be brought over by ships have almost decimated the newly independent United States. In an attempt to rectify things, people were gathered in the northeastern corner of the continent, and the heart of it became Philadelphia. After a coup led by the vice-president's wife, the country became a dictatorship, making marriage and children mandatory for everyone. Those who couldn't, or wouldn't, find themselves a spouse were assigned one. The country has now evolved, accepting that not all couples are meant to be heterosexual in nature, and the number of required children has lowered from 12, to 8, and now 4. Marriage, however, is still mandatory and if you can't find yourself someone before the due date, the government will see you married, regardless of attraction.

Other Notes: *Jcink Premium *Character sheet in main profile, filled through profile fields, no complicated dohtml template. *Possibility to play the character before the main sheet is complete in the "AU" part of the board *Dark skin, readable font. *Choice of being assigned a partner or choosing one, pick the way you prefer. *Real people face claim mandatory. *AU offers alternate story lines, exiled character, and a wall breach allowing the plague monsters (zombies) to come through.


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