Global Conflict WW3

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 2 x per month
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Modern War Game
Last-Update: 2020Mar11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, wargame


Global Conflict WW3

You are invited.

This new game concept depicts a modern global war ( 1989-> ) using existing board games on the topic and melding them into a large, multi-player effort for those who own at least one of the games we will use to battle forward.

Play will be handled by email and Vassal for those who wish that form. Email is the method for communication with me and among players outside of specific game play.

The requirement, aside from game ownership, is to submit to control of higher authority during play and regarding simultaneous events during the play of other gamers using related games.

I am gamemaster/moderator, originally assigning commands and attempting to control the whole in a realistic manner. To this end, I may control any card play that games use. For instance, when cards drive the operations and events. One game, Nato Air Commander, also uses cards instead of dice to resolve combat. The players running that game will use those cards, while I handle the Objective cards for them - assigning overall mission requirements.

Where we have multiple players with the same games, I will assign them command of forces within the game. The first player joining with a game will be the potential overall Theater Commander, with others joining later as his lieutenants. We also need both sides but can use house rules for bot management of a game without an enemy player.

Games that have a solitaire component can be played, keeping in mind that you are part of a bigger picture. When players drop out, it may be necessary to use a bot system to complete action until a new player can be assigned.

I will be using Blue Water Navy and The Next War (SPI), along with lots of Vassal modules to monitor the game. I will originally be playing overall Nato/West side commander - to get things going.

The war has already started, in Europe, and is 1 week old. At this time the other nations are beginning to launch their own assaults, taking advantage of the pull on Nato forces to Europe. North Korea, China, and Iran will be next into the fray.

There is no fee to play, and you can join if you own one of the games listed at the end of this message. Game turns for the big, outer war game are 3 1/2 days of game time. Likely your games have a different time per turn, which must be taken into consideration by you - to not get ahead of the Big Game Date. Some modification to your game turn timing should be done by you to comply. Some modification to game rules might happen, to bring them into line with our overall play, or to make best use of great rules.

As for real time turn around, I am beginning with 2 weeks per turn (3 1/2 game days). This is to allow for the various real-world demands we all face. If you go faster, stop a while. Everyone must keep the same pace. If you fall behind, we can skip you ahead - a lull in your front activities.

For game play by you and opponents, I suggest a fairly immediate response to email - to acknowledge - and an advice if you will be delayed in doing your side play. Let each other know what is going on. Always indicate the game date in your comms, so opponents can keep track.

To me, I expect email when you have results, rather than move-by-move information. I cannot track such volume of detail. Cities captured, amphibous landing success, airdrop successes, major ships sunk, and similar major events in your games should be included in your emails. Your emails to me, regarding game events, should be once each 2 week period - those being 1st and 15th of every real month.

Naturally, setting up a player duo to start play will take a number of emails - but my email volume will be the measure of my ability to do my task. My sanity too. I will be sending out, in news format, major events so all can feel they are part of something big.

If you wish to join in, send an email to me at:

Let me know which game(s) you own to play and which side you want. You can play only on one side. Obviously, it is best with players on both sides, but solitaire play is possible.

Regards Mike Raymond

Some, but not all games we will use are:

Blue Water Navy, Next War by SPI, Next War Korea, Next War Poland, Next War Taiwan, South China Sea, Red Storm, Nato Air Commander, Contact Cold War 1985, Nato Next War in Europe, Fifth Fleet & Series, Gulf Strike, Korea 1995, Under and Iron Sky, Aegean Strike, GDW Third World War Series, WaW Eisenbach Gap, WaW Blood & Bridges, Waw Baltic Fury, (SPI) Fifth Corps, (SPI) BOAR, and more.



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