Mission Implausible

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Costs: 0
Email: shoneac@yahoo.com [ok]
Frequency: two per week
URL: http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/3734 [ dead link ]
Type: RPG
Last-Update: 2020Jan03
Keywords: computer, human, rpg, closed-ended, email, free, fantasy


Classic Tolkienesque fantasy. Players have a hugely hard task to fulfil, with no hurry. They have to be creative and solve the big problem bit by bit. As game is intended to be long (in story world years, not necessarily in rl), so they will start small and hopefully advance in levels. A simple, custom-made RPG system is used for stats and skills. The game will be totally open for late arrivals too. Interested?

Game mechanics:

Each stop in a game is like a comic still. I'll give you a complete description and the team will say what they do. In lost of stops there will be one accented player (e.g. there is a problem which tracks to follow, so ranger is the accented player and what priest does is of no big importance ). This player will have to describe his actions in a full paragraph, while others can just write a line or two (the priest can state his opposition about following those tracks that go to a strange temple). Between stops I will roll dices, so a fighter might get EXP between two stops for staving off wolves in the night, while more intellectual players might do more talking during the stops.

English is not my first language, but I hope it's good enough.




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