Massagetia 600 BC (3.5 ed. D&D)

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Costs: free
Frequency: about once per week
Type: historical fantasy
Last-Update: 2019Oct27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, historical, rpg


WHO: I'm looking for 1-4 new players to add to a PBeM role-playing game. If you contact me at the e-mail provided, I'll send you a set of character creation guidelines. Most players seeking to join are accepted on a first come, first served basis with little risk of having the character they propose declined.

WHAT: The Massagetia 600 B.C. Play By e-Mail Role-Playing Game is a 3.5 ed. Dungeons & Dragons game that takes place in a setting that blends history with myth, legend, folklore, and fantasy. Little is known of the history of the Karagandy Region at this time so this campaign relies more heavily on D&D and other fantasy than history. The Massagetae practiced a monotheistic religion devoted to the Sun.

WHERE: The Iron Age in the northern half of Central Asia shows that stockbreeding practiced by nomadic horsemen was not an archaic economic form, but rather an appropriate and intelligent adaptation to new ecological conditions.

WHEN: For the Karagandy Region Campaign, the time within the game is currently noon on November 2, 600 B.C. This is 70 years before the Massagetae are first reported in our history with their defeat of King Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire after he made the mistake of invading the Massagetae Tribal Federation during the reign of Queen Tomyris.

WHY: Like any game, the main goal is for us all to have fun. If you're also curious or interested in learning a bit of obscure trivia about history, mythology, legends, and folklore while you're having fun, then this might be an added bonus. The fantasy elements are mostly from D&D, but may also be introduced from fantasy novels and short stories that I've read, movies and TV shows that I've watched, and my own dreams and imagination.

HOW: Send me an e-mail at the e-mail address provided. Include "Massagetia 600 BC" in the subject heading to let me know that it's not just random spam. I'll be glad to assist with character creation and to point you in the right direction for a convenient online character generator to help with the stats side of things. To help provide some idea of the current PC's, I've included a list of current players and NPC's currently accompanying the group. If your character idea is plausible as a friend and ally of the existing characters, that would probably be most convenient and fun for you since you'd have more positive interactions with other players. If you'd prefer a more adversarial role, then that can also be arranged.

The current players characters are (in alphabetical order): Atheas, the Getian (Human) Druid/Marshal. Honah, the Getian (Human) Soulknife. Iosephos, the Ionian Greek (Human) Cleric of Dionysos/Fighter. Sabe, the Elan Psion (Egoist).

The nonplayer characters currently with the group (in alphabetical order): Bacchides, the Satyr Djed, the Psicrystal. Herodotus, the Ionian Greek Warmage/Paladin of Dionysos Ragnara, the Maenad Healer Vultsubai, the very young Brass Dragon


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