Volcanic Frontier

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Type: Natural Disaster/Post-Apocalyptic
Last-Update: 2019Oct16
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Underneath the beauty of Yellowstone National Park lies a monster: the largest and most dangerous supervolcanon Earth. For 640,000 years it has been dormant. Now, the Yellowstone Supervolcano is waking up and is about to unleash its terrifying power on an unprepared world. Humanity has never before witnessed the fury of a supervolcano. Now, its about to!

The eruption devastates the entire world and creates a

"Volcanic Frontier"

Focusing on characters that come from all walks of life, "Supervolcano" tells the story of what might happen if the Yellowstone Supervolcano were to erupt. The story begins in 2017. It covers events before the eruption, the eruption, and the aftermath of the eruption as humanity struggles to rebuild civilization. The story has four time periods: Pre-Eruption, Eruption, Immediate Aftermath, and Post-Eruption Period. The setting is worldwide as an eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano would affect the entire planet.

The story will include significant events that happen before the eruption to keep the story interesting including the impeachment of a corrupt American president, an earthquake in Utah, mammoth wildfires and more blackouts in California, the eruption of the Caylee Massif in Canada, a new cultural awakening in North America, separatist movements, a massive war in the Middle East, and other events before the eruption. The story will also cover the famine, disease, social upheaval, and the other happenings of the post-eruption world.

The role-playing game will be told from a third-person POV. Players will post at least once a week. Please use proper spelling and grammar, and be civil to each other. To join, create a character biography using the character sheet below:




Place of Birth:

Marital Status:

Significant Other:












Place of Residence:

Character Profile:


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