Struggle For Power Interwar years

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Costs: 0
Frequency: Once a month
Type: Diplomatic/military/political/economic game
Last-Update: 2019Sep11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, economic, rpg


The clouds of war are gathering across Europe. After twenty years, the long peace is drawing to a close. The promise of international cooperation remains nothing more than a dream. Instead, rampant nationalism, territorial ambitions and entangling alliances have returned with a vengeance,

The world economy is in shambles, nations are heavily in debt, millions are unemployed, tariffs have stifled international trade and people are disillusioned with their place in live. Ideologies are on the march that promise the masses economic opportunity, political equality and military security. Capitalism, communism and fascism are in deadly competition with one another for the hearts and souls of the common man.

That's where you come in. Take control of one of the nations of the world as it stood in 1939 and guide your nation through the shoals of international diplomacy, technological advancement, domestic unrest and global economic policy and towards a bright and prosperous future or end up strung up in the town square as your corpse is pelted with rotten fruit by the very people that were singing your praises only months before.

Use diplomacy, your military and your intelligence assets to gain advantages for your nation while defending it against potential adversaries (and supposed allies

Are you up to the challenge of shaping the world for the second half of the 20th century.

(this is a reboot of Struggle for Power 1937)


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