Starship Fawkes

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Costs: None
Frequency: Tag once every 2 days, post at least once every fortnight
Type: Star Trek Roleplaying game
Last-Update: 2019Aug30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


We're all storytellers. Whether it's around a cup of raktajino in the mess hall or around a crackling campfire in the holodecks*. Our story is what makes each and every one of us unique.

The Fawkes gives you a place to tell your story. Aboard a 100-year-old Groumall class Cardassian freighter run by civilians that may have limited understanding of its systems. But hey, at least it's not Starfleet, am I right?

If you want to really explore the depths of your character in an environment that encourages character-driven plots, you too should join us on the Starship Fawkes today!

No really... Please join us... We need you... One of our crewmembers was kidnapped...

Have a look at the website ( ) for more details, or join us in our discord ( )!

*there's no holodecks available on the Fawkes, and the replicator can't quite seem to get the raktajino recipe right, but everything else in this ad is absolutely true!


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