USS Crazy Horse

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Welcome to the frontier!

There were those who grew dissatisfied with life in Federation space. Possessed of a pioneering spirit, born with a willingness to endure hardship in order to explore new places or try out new things, they began pressing the Federation for new settlement options. They wanted the frontier life. Studied and trained for it. With the discovery of a transwarp gateway in 2385, worlds were found and a space station was built. Preparation for new colonies began in earnest. No one expected the Borg attack that decimated Federation forces and resulted in the destruction of the gateway in 2386.

The Federation turned to its secondary option, a less stable means of transportation between the two quadrants -- a cyclical wormhole that opened once every 45 days for a period of two hours and fifteen minutes. And while the connection to the Alpha Quadrant was less than ideal, the area, known as the Pellitine Expanse, was considered equally as desirable for colonists if not more so given that gravimetric storms provided a natural barrier against the more aggressive races in the quadrant.

In late 2388, with the completion of Starbase 38, Pellitine Station, colonists began entering the Delta Quadrant and along with the colonists, came support vessels including the USS Crazy Horse who would be assigned patrol duties in the expanse.

Interested in life on the frontier? Want to explore strange new worlds and have a hand in their creation? Love subplots and characterization? Have a character that's just a bit different than the norm? Then the USS Crazy Horse, an Akira Class vessel set in the year 2389, might just be the place for you.

Stop by and take a look.


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