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Type: War
Last-Update: 2019Jun04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


It is the present day. The world has plunged into economic turmoil. In Europe, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. Italy follows, creating a domino effect that causes the EU to collapse. Immigration from North Africa and the Middle East increase. Europe plunges into chaos.

Riots erupt across the European continent. Out of this chaos France and Germany rise to become the dominant economic superpowers of Europe. The two nations form a new union called "The European Confederation" or EurCon.

Determined to resurrect European unity, the French and German governments use economic pressure to convince the other nations of Europe to join the new confederation. The other nations of Europe do.

However, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria refuse to join EurCon. To convince the three Eastern European democracies to give in, the French and Germans apply economic pressure. When that fails, the armies of EurCon invade the six nations.

EurCon then extends its influence beyond the European continent. EurCon and the nations of Latin America form a new economic and trading partnership. With EurCon help, Argentine forces seize the Falkland Islands and South Georgia from the United Kingdom. The Panamanian government turns the management of the Panama Canal over to a French-German consortium, and EurCon forces land in Panama and take control of the Canal. EurCon establishes bases in Latin America and the nations of Latin America essentially become protectorates of EurCon.

In Asia, China is flexing its military muscle. They form an economic and military alliance with Eurcon. Chinese forces invade Taiwan and then Russia, pushing deep into Siberia and EurCon and China begin an expansion into the Middle East and Pacific, EurCon and the Chinese mount an invasion of the Middle East and seize the Middle Eastern oil fields.

In Canada, Quebec declares its independence from Canada and EurCon forces land in Quebec to protect the country from a Canadian invasion. EurCon and Chinese forces invade Alaska and Hawaii to cripple the United States.

To stop this growing tyranny, the United States, Canada, Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Turkey, India, Egypt, and Israel unite against EurCon and China. The nations of Latin America fight alongside EurCon and China.

World War III erupts as land, sea, and air battles are fought in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East as America and its allies fight to stop EurCon and China. But things get more dangerous when EurCon and China threaten to unleash their nuclear arsenals! Meanwhile, the United Nations is struggling to end the war.

Join the fight on the side of either the United States or any of the nations allied with it or on the side of EurCon and China. Play as a soldier, naval officer, fighter/bomber pilot, a civilian caught in the fighting, a United Nations diplomat, a resistance fighter in any of the occupied territories, and a national leader.

To join: email the GM at and say what character you want to play. A character sheet will be provided. This rpg is based on the novel "Cauldron" by Larry Bond and inspired by the novel "The Bear And The Dragon" by Tom Clancy. Join us!


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