Regency Tales

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Frequency: Once Per Week
Type: Historical
Last-Update: 2019May06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, rpg


Welcome to Regency England...

It is a time of over-indulgence and excess, an era when the Prince Regent rules in place of his father who is going mad, and when the world outside the border of England is embroiled in political turmoil, war, and drastic change that will shape history in Europe for the rest of the 19th century and beyond. The French Revolution saw Napoleon crowning himself Emperor. The lower classes struggle to survive while families of wealth and aristocracy eat elaborate meals, throw lavish parties and spend their lives doing nothing but living for their own pleasures on large family estates that were meant to show off their wealth. The English aristocracy exists in a blissful sense of disconnect from the struggle of other countries around it.

And then there were the 'romantic' matches... which were almost as complex in strategy as a political treaty, and in most cases just as important. Appearance is everything--but that doesn't mean that there weren't many secrets carried out behind closed doors!

Welcome to England in 1816, at the height of the Regency period in England. The country itself is a melting pot of culture and peoples. Who doesn't want to enjoy a little excess now and again, after all? Meanwhile the rest of Europe and every country directly affected by England find themselves in a period of change and transition, for the nobility and beyond. The British East India company monopolizes business and as a result the wealthy and elite of England can obtain luxuries from around the world. The rise in men of means without title, like bankers, insurers, merchants and owners of shipping companies, means that men with ingenuity, talent and dedication can make their own fortune. The lower classes scrape by a living while each great house has servants making their beds and tending to their stables. Regency England is made up of all kinds of people, of all classes and means, and of all cultures, making it one of the most interesting periods in history.

Who will you be?

Regency Tales RPG is a PBEM role-playing game that is seeking creative and skilled writers who are interested in being active participants in our historical, all original characters and storylines-based game. Come and weave a tale with all of us!


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