SeaQuest DSV

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Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2019Apr21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg



In the early twenty-second century, mankind has colonized the last frontier on Earth: the ocean. This has changed the world. Nations have split into confederations, which each confederation competing for power. In order to keep the peace, the United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO) has been formed to keep the peace and protect the oceans. To lead this effort, the hi-tech submarine SeaQuest is enlisted to explore the ocean and keep the peace. For the first time, A Navy-trained dolphin is included among the crew and is in the show, a brilliant teenage computer whiz is on board.

This rpg is based on the TV series. It will follow the format of the first season of the show. We'll use our own characters and storylines. To join, contact the GM at A character sheet will be provided.

Available Positions:

1. Executive Officer 2. Chief Engineer 3. Supply & Morale Officer 4. Communications Officer 5. Chief of Security 6. Sensor Operator 7. Weapons Officer 8. Helmsman 9. Doctor & Chief Scientist 10. Teenage Whiz Kid 11. Assistant Chief of Security 12. Ship's Janitor 13. Science Officer 12. Chief of Staf, UEO Navy 13. Secretary General of the UEO 14. Confederation Leader 15. Undersea Colonist 16. Villain


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