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Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2019Mar25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern


"Project: Aquarius" is a genetics project jointly funded by an elite modeling agency to create the perfect model, cheerleader, dancer, beauty queen, whatever the job requires. But only one subject is created before the program is scrapped.

The subject, "Aquarius 1" was created to be excellent in athletics and all sports. But when the program is scrapped, she is put up for adoption. But there is one thing about "Aquarius 1" that her creators didn't anticipate. When "Aquarius 1" was created, her genetic makeup was unusual.

When the new "Gateway" space colony was launched, the adopted father of "Aquarius 1" and his wife were sent to the new colony to live in space for a year. While there, something extraordinary happened. When she was accidentally left in an unprotected part of the station while exploring on her own, she was exposed to solar radiation and cosmic rays, which supercharged her body chemistry. This gave her incredible superhuman and supernatural powers including superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, superhuman vision, superhuman hearing, psychic powers, and telekinesis. She also becomes immortal and cn only be rendered powerless is if her long hair is cut.

Upon reaching adulthood, "Aquarius One" takes a job as a go-go dancer that is owned by private investigator Walter Townsend, who owns a prestigious private investigative firm called "Area 51 Investigations".

Townsend sees a manifestation of Aquarius One's powers during a performance and approaches her with a suggestion: use her powers and abilities to fight crime and help those in need. He offers her a job as a private investigator at Area 51 Investigations.

She accepts and using her powers becomes the superheroine "Phenomenon". She is joined by three female athletic sidekicks who once worked at a gym "Bend", "Stretch", and "Skip", whom she calls her "sisters", the other detectives at Area 51 Investigations, and some very unusual allies.

For her civilian identity, Phenomenon takes the name she used as a dancer and the last name of her adopted father. "Bend", "Stretch", and "Skip" also take on civilian identities and names.

When there's trouble, our private investigator ducks out of sight and transforms into "Phenomenon" and joined by her three sidekicks fights a whole bunch of DC & Marvel Comics-like villains.

Join "Phenomenon" and play any character you want whether it be "Phenomenon", her sidekicks, an Area 51 operative, or an ally of this extraordinary superheroine, a villain, or a character of your own choosing. To join: email the GM at Just send a character bio.


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