A Charmed Legacy

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Costs: Free
Email: blueroseofwinter88@gmail.com
Frequency: No set number, as often as possible
URL: http://acharmedlegacypbem.groups.io/g/ACharmedLegacy-Main [ dead link ]
Type: Charmed AU
Last-Update: 2019Feb07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


The Charmed Ones have no shortage of enemies attempting to kill them in the present day. But what if the side of evil decided to try a more shady, darker tactic to wipe out their hated foes? By traveling back in time and killing Annabelle Good, the mother of Tabitha Cooper, before she can give birth to the start of their magical witchy line? This would make it so that the Charmed Ones had never been born, thus giving evil the upper hand in the current time frame. It is a tempting thought and one that many of the Underworld would like to make use of should all else fail...

This is an original, Charmed-based Roleplay, with completely original characters and events. In addition to the main story arc described above, other tales are very much encouraged to be told. Any type of character found in the Charmed-verse can be roleplayed here, including Witches, Whitelighters, Darklighters, Gypsies, Fairies, etc.

So, come, enter the world of Charmed... if you dare.



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