Always and Forever

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Costs: None
Frequency: Once per week, preferable but not required
Type: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals
Last-Update: 2019Jan21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, vampire, modern, rpg


What if Ruby hadn't been the enemy? What if after the cage door was slammed shut with the help of two unlikely allies she'd rescued Sam? What if after coming to the quiet little town of Mystic Falls to investigate a string of `animal attacks' they learned a branch of the Campbell family tree could be found there? What if his grandfather, Samuel Campbell, was among them? Who brought him back to life...and why?

What if Sam wasn't the only one to escape the cage? Will the archangels pick up where they left off? Have they been able to strengthen their new vessels enough to contain them? Or will they seek others?

To what end has John Winchester been resurrected? Do those loyal to Michael hope to `persuade' the hunter to say `yes'? What if without tipping his hand to his true identity Chuck brought Mary back to life as his way of intervening? How will the boys react?

Whose side will a newly risen Eve be on?

What about Katherine Pierce's return to Mystic Falls? Will she find the moonstone? Who will be the vampire, werewolf, and witch offered up to break the curse of the Sun and the Moon? How will the Salvatore brothers feel about her coming back after all these years?

What happens when Klaus Mikaelson catches wind of another Petrova doppelgänger? Will his brother still intervene? How will it end?

What of Marcel, self proclaimed `King of New Orleans'? Will the witches finally rise up against him? What about the werewolves banished to the bayou? Or the presents left on his doorstep by an old acquaintance? What if Nadia brought him the coffins of three of the Mikaelsons? What if she also asked him to protect an ancient sarcophagus that carries an immortal who's far older?

What if the witches who serve the Strix used their power to bring Qetsiyah back to life? Will she in time lead those seeking the famed cure to the resting place of Silas? What motive could that secret society have for resurrecting this particular witch? Do they hope she'll see to the return of Esther Mikaelson?

(Game starts at the beginning of Supernatural Season Six and The Vampire Diaries Season Two)

Needed: Caroline Forbes Bonnie Bennett Tyler Lockwood Matt Donovan Damon Salvatore Stefan Salvatore Jeremy Gilbert Jenna Sommers John Gilbert Alaric Saltzman Klaus Mikaelson Elijah Mikaelson Finn Mikaelson Jonas Martin Luka Martin Greta Martin Isobel Flemming Kol Mikaelson Marcel Gerard Nadia Petrova Qetsiyah Camille O'Connell Kieran O'Connell Sophie Deveraux Jane-Anne Deveraux Jackson Kenner Dean Winchester Lisa Braeden Ben Braeden Sam Winchester John Winchester Mary Winchester Samuel Campbell Lucifer Michael Chuck Shurley Bobby Singer Crowley French Quarter Witches Crescent Wolves Marcel's Daywalkers/Nightwalkers Travelers Campbell family members Angels Demons Members of the Founders Council

And probably many MANY more that are not listed here. There are some who are still needed just not right off the bat given when things will pick up but if you have ideas on a way of bringing them in earlier in the story I'm all ears. We are kinda doing our own thing here as I'm a big fan of `what if?'


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