V: Freedom's Last Stand

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Email: joeyjolley1975@gmail.com
Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2018Aug31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Giant motherships appear over the world's cities. The occupants of these giant ships transmit a message of greetings to the people of Earth, and then reveal themselves on the roof of the United Nations building in New York City. Referred to as the Visitors, they reach out in friendship, seeking our help to obtain chemicals needed to aid their ailing world, which is revealed to be a planet orbiting the star Sirius. In exchange they will share their advanced scientific and technical knowledge with us.

Humanity welcomes the Visitors with open arms, but it is soon discovered that the Visitors are NOT what they appear to be, and that their plans for us and our planet are not benevolent in any way! Humanity has two choices: Resist or die!

"V: Freedom's Last Stand" is a play-by-email role-playing game based on the "V" science-fiction franchise. Set in 2018, it is based on "V: The Miniseries" and "V: The Final Battle". If you're a fan of "V", join us! The game is freeform.

The following positions are available:

1. Resistance Fighter 2. Visitor 2. Fifth Columnist 4. Human Collaborator 5. Visitor-Human Hy6brid

To join: contact the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com or log onto the listserver at vfreedomslaststand@groups.io. A character sheet will be provided upon request.


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