Battleground America-An Alternate History RPG

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Type: Alternate History
Last-Update: 2018Aug27
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


In 2016, a famous television evangelist was elected President of the United States. He promised to return America to greatness. He promised to restore America's Christian heritage. During his presidential campaign, he campaigned for the political party he founded, The True America Party. His campaign was called "The Great Crusade".

The American people are drawn to their new president. Most Americans support him. His election is surprising as his election to the presidency was regarded as unlikely. But to everyone's surprise, he was elected.

What was even more surprising is The True America Party took control of Congress, all state governments, and all local governments.

With the election of the new president, things began to change in America. Secularism declined and a nationwide religious revival swept the nation. Religion entered every aspect of daily life. Every day, the new president gains more and more power. Finally, he expunges the Constitution and dissolves Congress. Separation of Church and State ends. Other religions are outlawed. The president establishes his megachurch, The Church Of Universal Friendship, as the state religion. The new president establishes a theocratic dictatorship. America as we know it ceases to exist. The American people support the man who becomes known as "The Prophet".

The new regims, known as "The Church" rules with an iron fist. The American people follow the Prophet. But a small group of Americans refuse to follow the new regime. They come together to form "The Resistance". Led by a young Irish-American woman who is a modern-day "Joan of Arc", the Resistance fights against the Prophet and his religious dictatorship. But the fight won't be an easy one. The American people support "The Prophet", the Church's Secret Police are brutal enforcers, and collaborators are everywhere. But the Resistance does have allies who join the fight against the new regime, including a group of Church members who don't believe in what the Prophet is doing. They are called "The Fifth Column". But there is bad news. The Church also has allies. Applications are now being accepted.

Available Positions:

1. Leader Of The Resistance 2. Resistance Fighter 3. Ally of The Resistance 4. The Prophet 4. Church Official 5. Member of The Church's Armed Forces 6. Member Of The Church's Secret Police 7. State or Local Church Official 8. Ally Of The Church 9. Fifth Columnist

To join: Choose the position you want and send a character biography to the GM at


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