USS Eclipse (NOVA)

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Costs: none
Frequency: 1 per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek sim played on the NOVA system
Last-Update: 2018Aug01
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The sim year is 2389.

The USS Eclipse is a Dreadnought Galaxy class Starship and the flagship of Ronin Fleet's Task Force 1.

The USS Eclipse is currently under the command of Vice-Admiral Chris Barks he has an engineering background. He is also the Commanding Officer for the Task Force 1.

First Officer is Commander Cassandra Quinn her background is in the Security field.

Captain Jamie Kirk commands the Sovereign class USS Sovereign to patrol and defend the base.

Colonel Richard "Wolf" Johnson commands the Nebula Class ship, refitted for exclusive Marine use with a few Starfleet positions like Chief Security, Medical and Tactical Officer, MCS Freedom.

Starbase 55 is in the Sautera System ( and home base for the Eclipse, Sovereign and Freedom. It is need of a CO (among other positions).

Each ship and the base run their own missions or can combine efforts into a single mission.

Currently missions:

The Freedom is tasked with the rescue of a colony on the disputed planet of Aquarion 3. The Federation Colo was established a hundred years before and the colonists refuse to leave despite the threat from the Zybor, a cybernetic race whose territory the planet resides in. Now, it is up to the crew of the Freedom to find a way to either relocate the colonists or defend them from impending attack.

The Sovereign is making first contact/rescue mission. The signal from an escape pod from the Federation transport, USS Randall, has been detected coming from the planet Celea just beyond the Sautera System's furthest border and the Eclipse is called upon to check it out. The catch is that, although Celea is in Federation space and is inhabited, it has not yet acquired warp technology.

The Eclipse is dealing with a Q.

We value our writers' input and mission suggestions as we see ourselves as a team and everyone gets a chance to shine as much as they want to.

Although this site is relatively new, this sim has been around since 2016 and has been an award winning sim. We have many positions available so please join us for some fun.


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