Star Clans Choice

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Type: Warriors roleplay with powers
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Last-Update: 2018Jun23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


Pg / 10 + , minor cussing (Damn, Hell)

Twolegs have built Twolegplaces to the point where it is impossible to stay. The Clans had found their new home, two days' walk away from Twolegs, only to disband without the leaders who died due to the journey. Many generations after, StarClan had a choice to make. Should they bring back the Clans, using their powers to give the cats gifts? Or should they fade? Eventually, a cat was found to lead the first of the Clans. But this is not about that cat, dear reader. This is about you, your character and that character's journey. Will they join the fledgling WolfClan? Live as one of the many rogues? Or take up the helm of their own Clan, leading it to glory?

Semirealistic Warriors Rp with powers. Staff active.


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