Science City

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Costs: free
Frequency: couple times a week
Type: Super Hero
Last-Update: 2018Jan15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


Science City, where drones duel with pteranodons for mastery of airspace.

Science City, where a drunken Aztec god barters for council concessions from high elf and alderman alike.

Science City, where the First Precinct aircars patrol the flawless skies above and the Paranormal Precinct roots out supernatural evil in the shadows below.

Science City, a metropolis in need of a unique group of heroes.

Could you be one?

Taking place in the near future, constructed upon the ruins of Detroit, Science City is the weirdest, most advanced metropolis on Earth. Do you think you have what it takes to thrive and survive here?

Science City is a PG-13 systemless PBEM taking place in a universe set apart from, but inspired by, various comic book and motion picture franchises. If interested e-mail me at to discuss.


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