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Type: Superhero/Sci-Fi
Last-Update: 2017Oct02
Keywords: free, email, human, space, open-ended


2002. The World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa begins a worldwide trend toward ecological sustainability and living in harmony with nature

2010. Discovery of lost papers of Benjamin Franklin leads to the discovery of the what comes to be known as "The Franklin Declaration", written by Benjamin Franklin during the Constitutional Convention. It says that Americans must protect, preserve, and respect nature and that conservation of forests, natural resources, etc. is essential. Americans must live in harmony with nature.

2025. The United States rewrites the Constitution and reorganizes its government, institutions, and society along environmentally sustainable lines. The nation's capital is moved to San Francisco. The government is shrunk, the states are replaced with regional subdivisions within larger regional states which in turn are given more autonomy, materialism is abolished. energy needs are met by solar, wind, and biomass power, automobiles are eliminated, a national high-speed train network is introduced, air travel is undertaken by solar and wind-powered aircraft, streets in American cities become landscaped pedestrian malls with bike lanes, urban streams are daylighted, buildings are constructed using Green Building techniques, and technology is hi-tech and includes interactive television, high-speed video and voice communications via satellite, and devices which are used to communicate with animals. Weapons still exist, but they are laser-based.

All needs are met locally. Nineteenth-century fashions return. Pollution is a crime. And America has made mankind's first contact with extraterrestrials and is in the process of joining an interstellar alliance of planets. It's a hi-tech, ecological utopia. The American frontier spirit has returned and other nations, who never believed the United States could never switch to sustainability, are astounded. And when the U.S. withdraws into isolation to as its leaders don't want any more contact with other nations and refuse to share the American secret of environmental harmony with the world, other nations become jealous and are determined to destroy the ecologically-sustainable, frontier-minded United States. Dark forces in Europe conspire to bring the U.S. down and a group of rebels known as The Chaos Group is causing trouble.

Using newly-discovered nanotechnology, these forces revive the twentieth-century's most feared terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, and the people who worked with him. They form a new terrorist network and terrorize the USA.

America's only hope lies in a young, beautiful Canadian woman, who was Canada's most powerful environmental activist in the last decade of the twentieth century, who died in 2004. She is revived by America's extraterrestrial friends and given superhuman powers. The woman becomes the superheroine "Guardian" and becomes the leader of a team of mutants. Together they fight Carlos the Jackal and his minions. When Guardian is not working, she is working as a secretary for a private detective in San Francisco.

Available Positions:

1. Guardian 2. Ally of Guardian 3. Member of Carlos the Jackal's group 4. European Operative 4. Chaos Brigade

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