The Scorpion's Gate

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Type: Espionage
Last-Update: 2017Sep24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


It is the near future. With its power and influence in the Middle East on the wane, reports are coming out that the Islamic Republic of Iran has started a new nuclear weapons program, a program the Iranian government has codenamed "Judgment Day". According to the reports, the new Iranian nuclear program is much larger in scope than its previous program, which it halted in 2006 after promising the West that it would stop its development of nuclear weapons, and that this new program is much farther along than the previous one got and that Iran could be on the brink of developing one or more nuclear devices. The reports also say that the Iranian government has purchased new tactical missiles from China that are capable of reaching not only Israel, but the United States, Western Europe, and Eastern Asia as well.

But are the rumors of the new Iranian nuclear program accurate? Or are they just an attempt at propaganda by a crumbling Iranian regime intended to intimidate Israel, the United States, and the rest of the Western world? Suspicions are heightened when a French Canadian physicist and engineer who was undertaking a secret project is kidnapped on the streets of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and its rumored that Iranian intelligence may be responsible, the shooting down of a Chinese cargo plane carrying advanced Chinese electronic components to Iran over Nepal and the the transfer of one of the pilots who survived to American custody by the Napalese government, and rumored covert meetings somewhere in Central America between Chinese and Iranian intelligence.

Responding to the reports of the new Iranian nuclear program, the United States and Israel join forces and put together a joint Israeli-American intelligence operation, the first ever mission between the United States and Israel. It's purpose: to investigate the reports of the new Iranian nuclear program. To accomplish this, a veteran American CIA agent and a Mossad operative, the Israeli intelligence organization's best, are sent undercover into Iran to discover the truth.

As the Israeli and American operatives enter Iran, the newly-formed Iranian underground has just become active. The Iranian underground will join forces with the Israeli and American agents, their operatives aiding the CIA and Mossad operatives. In a region of the world that's finally on the road to stabilizing after the historic Arab-Israeli peace treaty that ended the decades of war between Israel and her Arab neighbors but could erupt into war again if the Iranian nuclear program isn't stopped, and in an international powder keg, the only hope for two nations, the Middle East and for mankind, rests with an American and an Israeli who are operating at the greatest risk to their lives in a nation where both Americans and Israelis are despised, where no one can be trusted, and where betrayal can occur at any time. Can the two agents do the job?

Available Positions:

1. CIA Agent 2. Mossad Operative 3. Director of the CIA 4. Deputy Director of the CIA 5. Deputy Director of CIA Operations 6. Deputy Director for CIA Operations, Middle East and South Asia 7. Mossad Director 8. Prime Minister of Israel 9. Member of the Israeli Cabinet 10. Israeli Military Officer 11. President of the United States of America 12. Secretary of State 13. Secretary of Defense 14. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 15. Kidnapped Canadian Phycisist/Engineer 16. President of Iran 17. Iranian Defense Minister 18. Iranian Military Officer 19. Iranian Intelligence Agent 20. Iranian Nuclear Scientist 21. Iranian Underground Leader 22. Iranian Underground Operative

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