Drachen Saga

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Costs: Free/None.
Frequency: Open, DM posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Email: feddeck@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.drachensaga.com [ dead link ]
Type: Dungeons & Dragons
Last-Update: 2017Aug02
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Like many other adventurers seeking fame and fortune you have left your homeland in the south, following the great northern highway to the Northerlands in search of wealth and to test your skills against the legendary monsters that inhabit the region . For the past few days you have been following the cobblestone road north, the majestic Rune Mountains rising ahead of you, acting as a compass.

Surrounded by dark thick forests on either side you continue on for a few more hours before the road comes to a fork with a large wooden sign set into the ground pointing the way to "Northgate City " and "The Wizard's Council". Decisions, but which way to travel?

Over to the side, nestled into the forest you see a large three story stone building that seems to be leaning a bit to the right, having more of an appearance of a castle top rising out of the ground rather than a proper building. Set with an odd assortment of stained glass windows and brick chimneys, the smell of cherry wood, strong drink, and roasted meat fills the air which gives you pause for a moment. Perhaps some food and ale before moving on?

Moving closer to the building you see a set of worn stones leading up the a heavy wooden door flanked by a rusted and moss covered iron golem who holds a polished wooden sign in its hands- "Drachen Fire Inn - Adventurers Welcome-".

Intrigued and welcoming some rest from the road you step up to the door and push it open entering the inn...

Warm and inviting the common room on the first floor is filled with an assortment of adventurers, farmers, and merchants who are busy drinking, talking, and socializing the day away. Set into the northern wall in the shape of a giant fallen tree is a polished wooden bar full or tankards, glasses, bottles and kegs where a large portly man, the barkeep, dispenses his brews the patrons. Scattered about the room are dozens of tables, chairs, and stools full of drink and food.

Set into the westerns wall, and an obvious focal point of the room is a large stone fireplace with set with a roaring fire which warms the room, chasing away the chill from the drafty windows. Crowded around the fire place, lining the walls, and extending over to the bar is an assortment of retired weapons, paintings, and trophies depicting past glories, battles, and adventuring days.

As you enter the inn most of the patrons ignore you, being accustomed to seeing armed and armored adventurers on a daily basis, while others, particularly from the corners and shadows seem to take note...


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