Carnwennan Station

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"When the edges push you back, sometimes you have to say enough is enough. Either you stand your ground or you flee. What would you chose?"

We are the Guardians... We stand at the unknown... We guard against the known... We are Starfleet... We do our duty.

In 2373, the quadrants of the galaxy were shaken when the Federation was attacked by an enemy that was known as the Dominion. This conflict would become known as the Dominion War would have consequences that are still felt to this day. The Alpha Quadrant has never been the same since the Treaty of Bajor. The Federation and Starfleet have been seen as weak to the major and minor powers of the Alpha Quadrant. Several have used the rebuilding of the war to push the boundaries of what they could and could not do.

In the aftermath of the war, Starfleet has tried to return to its primary mission of exploration. Since then, that have opened up several unexplored areas; one of them was the Inconnu Expanse. Yet, for everything new, there must be a price to be paid, and Starfleet has paid that price. Deep Space Seven has been marked as lost, thus leaving the Carnwennan Corridor as the only way to get to the Inconnu Expanse. It has been placed under the command of Brigadier General Paul Potter; whom also sits as the Task Force Executive Officer.

Carnwennan Station is an Immense-Class starbase assigned to Task Force Seventy-Two of the Fourth Fleet. The station has been entrusted with the safeguarding of the Carnwennan Corridor, which is the southern entrance to the Inconnu Expanse. It has also been assigned to anti-piracy activities within the Carnwennan Sector.

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