USS Fearless

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Type: Star Trek RPG
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The year is 2393, the Dominion War has been over for almost 20 years. In the wake of the war Cardassia is left in ruins after a a new treaty is signed Cardassia demilitarizes and converts there military in to the Cardassian Defense Force. The Federation has accepted responsibility for the safety of the Cardassian Sector. Enter the USS Fearless a brand new Defiant Class Starship assigned to patrol and defend the Cardassian Sector, based out of a rebuilt Empok Nor in the Trivas System.

Join our crew and be apart of an intriguing new story centered around the politics and adventure of an Old Power trying to regain their Old Glory. Will Cardassia become a new Military Power or will they maintain Diplomatic Ties with their neighbors and new allies. The USS Fearless is a member of Obsidian Fleet and part of the Task Force 21 Wolf Star Squadron.

Lieutenant Commander Santiago Vela Commanding Officer, USS Fearless TG21-A Defenders Obsidian Fleet


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