Mayberry, a PBeM RPG

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Costs: Zero
Frequency: Twice per week minimum
Type: Superhero, supervillain
Last-Update: 2016Oct04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


Ever wanted that chance to put your own spin on the world's favorite super heroes? Now is your chance! This is the town of Mayberry, and here in this town, you are the heroes! We're a strictly cannon character RPG, but there's a twist: the heroes don't know who they are! Captain America is the Sheriff, Lex Luther is the Mayor, and Superman is just a farmer! The characters are cannon, but their histories are all yours.

Who brought them here? And for what purpose? How long is this alternate reality going to last? How will the characters' stories collide and change?

Choas is coming.

This game is played on Google Groups.

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