Bebop in the Verse

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Frequency: minimum weekly
Type: SCi Fi
Last-Update: 2016Jul28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Grandma's Legacy

This is a Firefly / Cowboy Bebop based story in which characters are eager to make their mark on life. Characters are young, inexperienced, lacking in both practical skills and knowledge and all hail from Ossolambria. Given the low population characters should expect to know each other. Anticipate side stories and flashback stories between participants independent of my plotline.

"Gilette, wha' owns t' boneyard dun yonner, all-ease 'as jobs fer fools desperate 'nough t' prospect. Naw git uff me porch," Geb groused. "All ya alls whipper-snappers needs ta git yaw some works fur eyes opens ah can ah whup-yur-ass." The old coot shakes his broom at the youth moseying off into the dusty summer heat. "Or Johnny Law gits ya!" Chuckling under his breath, Geb goes back to straightening up the front of the general store.

Looking to buy your own ship and be the captain of your destiny? Have what it takes to be a wildcat? Newell Recycling, the place Grandma Bittle used to say: "Where you can find all kinds of antiques and classy trash.", is looking for you.

Bed wetters and those easily terrorized need not apply.


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