Star Wars: Fractured Frontiers

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Costs: none
Frequency: Daily posting, turns as needed to progress the timeline
Type: Star Wars Saga Edition
Last-Update: 2016Jul21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Star Wars: Fractured Frontiers is a Play -By-E-Mail (PBEM) utilizing the Star Wars Saga D20 rule set. I am starting this game after having played and DM'ed Dungeons and Dragons PBEMs for over 20 years. This game is intended to be a long running, player involved, story-driven, collaborative effort. PBEM veterans of other genres are welcomed as are Star Wars fans that have never tried a role-playing game. If you are a good writer and interested in the Star Wars rpg, then I'm interested in you! Owning the game materials is not a prerequisite as they are freely available online. If you are interested in joining please apply so that you can access the game files regarding the setting, background, and House Rules.


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