Oberon Base

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One Post a week
Email: tfbrosseau@gmail.com
URL: http://oberon.butterscotchrpgs.ca [ dead link ]
Type: StarTrek, Planetary Base, Research Station, TNG, play by Nova
Last-Update: 2016Jul20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


You've played on a Ship, You've Played on a Space Station now it's time to try something new and play on a Planetary outpost!

Oberon Base is a Planetary Outpost Focused on studying the life and peoples within a cluster of solar systems on the edge of Federation Controlled space. Afraid of over-militarization the Federation has placed a Civilian, Dr. Allyson Isley in command of the outpost, much to Starfleet dismay.

Although stationed and supported by Starfleet and It's officer, Oberon offers the opportunity for you to play as a Civilian and still be a member of senior staff! Besides Marines and Starfighters, qualified Civilians and Starfleet officers are welcome in every Department!

Most departments still need a Department Head! First Come, First Served!

So come on over take a look around and Join us as we start to explore our small corner of the galaxy!


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