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Costs: Free, donations accepted.
Frequency: One per week, play at own pace
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2017Jan11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, snail, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Glofeyne is a land of tumbled castles and Oid infested vistas.

After the ancient devastations of a near mythical war fought between sentient artifacts, the fractured races scratched out their survival, isolated and fearful of the secrets that were buried with the old servants of the Thrones of Death. The lands were given wholly to the fast breeders, the Awc, the Goblyn and the Jagoth. They massed their ranks and spread far across Glofeyne, swamping nearly all traces of the old races. The innocent hid away to re-emerge as frightened tribes in isolated, secret enclaves, desperate not to be discovered, their magic stunted and their cultures mere curious remnants of the past.

Hundreds of years passed since. The Thrones of Death have moved on it seems, or become dormant. The surviving enclaves grew and harnessed more knowledge of the world about them, only to find that merely three places had risen from the ashes. Siriol, whose island sanctuary was protected by the Shattered Goddess was now returned to the world. Saerad, whose peoples fought long and hard against Necromancer Vampires, finally ridding themselves through the destruction of the 'Dark heart.' And Aradac, whose devotion to the God Dac failed them at a crucial moment - having rebuilt heavily their land, once more to succumb to the hordes of evil wrought by the Molcran Necromancers from beyond the northern swamp.

As a player in Glofeyne, your primary role is exploration, investigation and rebuilding from the ruins whatever you can to further your own empowerment, as well as help the other folk trying to survive with their less heroic blood. They work hard and provide much of the understrata for the heroes to succeed in their mission.

The game is moderated by a human dungeon-master using Ad&d Core Rules 2 Expansion, essentially AD&D 2.5 - it's a free game but requires you to set time aside for proper, coherent responses. We don't distribute any third party copyrighted information so you will need to procure your own Player's Handbook. There are house rules and many strange homebrew things going on, these are dealt with on a 'when we get there' basis.

The campaign is played using a Yahoo Group for remote players. Around the Table play (Kent, WA) is irregular but integrated into the campaign diary. Joining the Yahoo group is free and easy and is graphically satisfying, much of the campaign archive is located there. The Yahoo group is more of a work group where remote involvement is hacked out to finalize data that ends up logged on the group Blog :

We are looking for devoted, old school RPG maniacs that love detail and world-building with lots of character development.


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