Take Me to Church

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Costs: FREE
Email: rponly_2582@hotmail.com
Frequency: as much as you want
URL: http://tmtcrp.jcink.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: Modern Real Life Las Vegas
Last-Update: 2016Jan16
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


Take Me to Church - JCINK

Welcome to Sin City! What happens here stays here, as the saying goes. A diverse city filled with all sorts of interesting people, which will leave tourists and visitors with their jaws hanging open guaranteed.. Accountants, doctors, runaways, scumbags, students, entertainers and much much more have come to call this vibrant and colorful city home. There is a place for everyone here, even you!

We are an 18+ site, no word count, shipper app and we have some of the best members and staff a site could ask for! There is always something intense going on with plots, and we a very active site! Come join up with one of the local MC's (motorcycle gang, there is even an option for you to make your own!!), the Russian Syndicate, the Italian Mafia, or join the police force - the options are truly ENDLESS! There are plenty of site canons and member wanted ads - or bring your own character to the board! We can't wait to see your creativity shine and come to life here at TMTC!


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