Jedi Knights of the British Empire

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KOTBE - Jedi Knights of the British Empire

In 1899, the sun never set on the British Empire. The english had spread to every corner of the earth. They were the most powerful nation in the world. Victoria, queen and empress ruled benevolently. Many described the era as a golden age. The many wars that occurred and followed spoke otherwise. The english had earned many enemies in the rise to power. Even now, dark threats lurk in the shadows ready to topple the realm and reduce it to ruin.

Ever ready to serve, the jedi, an order of extraordinary men have been empowered to bear arms and serve the crown to advance the interests of the english throughout the world. Honoured for their integrity and honesty, respected for their wisdom and fighting acumen, these knights are known throughout the world as a shining light and a bright example of what is best in the culture of the empire. Will they be enough to face the threat that rises? Will you answer the call to serve queen and country?

The idea is to be a recasting of the decaying Republic of Clone Wars era Star Wars with the British Empire. The game would be in the genre as Steampunk and the league of Extraordinary gentlemen, the mythical behind the historical with the player characters being knights of the British Empire in the mold of Jedi in the Victorian era.

Looking for serious players to write for adventure mixed with mystery. Care will be taken to be sensitive to issues of racism and colonialism that is unfortunately so prevalent in the setting. Player characters would begin as Esquires (Padawans) serving Knight Errants of Her Imperial Majesty (Jedi Knights and Masters). Enemies would include both force sensitive and normal characters of varying nationalities rather than planetary species, though some supernatural would be involved. Please contact me at if you would like to play a campaign of Jedi Knights set in the Victorian Age.


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