Deep Space Five

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Last-Update: 2018Nov11
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DS5 is under attack!

Cardassians, determined to secure the mysterious portals on the planet below, have invaded Pangaea and blocked the space station

The Celestial class space station, a city on the edge of space and guardian of the transdimensional world of Pangaea is facing a small Armada of Cardassians, Federation citizens are being taken prisoner, the marines are under siege and help is far away.

Can you help save the station and the lives below? Will you survive the occupation, will you rebel, or collaborate? Can you face down the latest threat to peace?

DS5 is 15+ sim set in the prime universe, driven by player ideas and back story. We always have room for creative and motivated players who have an interesting character to play and great stories to tell. Fleet, civilian or diplomat, we have room for you.


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