Deep Space Five

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Approximately twelve hours ago DS5 experienced an astronomical event. A whole new solar system has appeared. We used to be in extra solar space. Now we are in geostationary orbit around an M-class planet dubbed Pangaea - approximately 1.2 times Earth size - transmitting the initial sensor data now . . .

Overnight, what was a backwater on the fringe of explored space has become a magnet for resource strippers and land grabbers keen to exploit what natural resources Pangaea may conceal.

Already the Romulans and the Lissepians have strengthened their diplomatic presence on DS5 - others are sure to follow.

We have commenced ground exploration above and below the planet's surface where we have identified ruins left by an advanced trans-dimensional space-faring civilisation known as the Fae who we recently encountered.

To manage the crisis we seek a talented and experienced Chief Diplomatic Officer. You will be pivotal in resolving the developing territorial dispute with a remit to appease the diverse claimants interested in staking a claim to Pangaea by stealth or by force.

Also recruiting a new Chief Science Officer to lead and structure research into the new system.

Assistant positions are available in all departments.

Applications from Alien Diplomats, and civilians/commercial enterprises are also welcome.

You suggest it. If you can write it, the chances are we can create the role for you.

What do you need to know about us?

DS5 is rated 15. DS5 was Obsidian Fleet Sim of the Year 2014. DS5 is one of the few sims in Obsidian Fleet where the Romulan Star Empire is intact.

DS5 has a long serving, dedicated Command Team made up of the CO, XO and 2XO - we discuss all applications and come to a joint decision on acceptance/rejection with the CO retaining the right to veto.

We welcome writers who want to make a long term home with us - none of us are Ernest Hemingway, but we can tell a story - that's what counts. If you're into superficial, `Yes, Sir/No, Sir' simming, a pip hunter, or a one dimensional glaring self-insert we politely suggest you look elsewhere.

So, your bio and writing sample really matter - we're not about making up the numbers. When it comes to your bio if we don't immediately accept or reject it, we may ask questions and make suggestions - that means we see your potential, so please listen. Don't hesitate to ask us questions either.

Why not visit now and see what we're writing about - never a dull moment.


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