Deep Space Five

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If you think you can be the thin gold line between safety and disaster, where the darkness meets the light, we want you! Deep Space Five needs a new Chief of Security/Tactical. You can protect a starship, but can you protect a city? You've faced down hostile aliens and been tested in ship to ship battle, but can you mollify an angry mob and face down an entire fleet with nothing but a light frigate? It won't be a quiet job in the face of terrorist attacks, rogue Starfleet Officers and Alien criminals We also need Chief of Operations and a Chief Engineer. Can you keep the lights on and the computers working when your 'ship' has a crew of over 100,000 souls? Can you keep the space on the outside and the air on the inside when your hull is measured in miles, not meters? Deep Space Five is a celestial class starbase on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant close to the the galactic core, and the Beta quadrant, with a large and active civilian population. *All new personnel and residents welcome*. You suggest it. If you can write it, the chances are we can create the role for you. Come and take a look at our vacancies.

What do you need to know about us?

DS5 is rated 15. DS5 is a long running Sim, first in Obsidian Fleet, and now in Theta Fleet.

We welcome writers who want to make a long term home with us - none of us are Ernest Hemingway, but we can tell a story - that's what counts. We want people with dynamic characters who have a story to tell and can weave that story in with other's

So, your bio and writing sample really matter - we're not about making up the numbers. What we're looking for is passion to write, and an ability to fit into an ensemble.

Why not visit now and see what we're writing about - never a dull moment!

Please note, DS5 ignores the JJ Abrams movie where the Romulan Star Empire was destroyed. We also do not currently consider ST Discovery to be canon.


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