Deep Space Five

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Opportunity for all on the Federation's wild frontier!

Deep Space Five is a Celestial class starbase, a city in space that houses 100,000 explorers, opportunists, and dreamers. People who are running to, and people who are running from, something. Offering a perfect jumping off point to explore deeper into the Beta Quadrant beyond the Romulans and Klingons, to the Delta Quadrant itself, DS5 has seen strange scientific anomalies, negotiated murky international politics, and faced down takeover and invasion.

We have room for everyone, from the Starfleet officers who run the station, alien ambassadors who scheme to exploit the resources in the area (including, but not limited to, a mineral rich transdimensional planet filled with doors through time and space), and any civilians who find themselves out on the raggedy edge, by accident or design.

Set in 2393 of the prime Star Trek universe seen in the classic TV series, we are a long running and active 15+ sim that focuses on storytelling and character development. Interesting characters of any type are welcome. We're a member of Theta Fleet, and our players include Theta Fleet's Writers of the Quarter, Players of the Quarters, and even the Writer of the Year 2017, all of whom make for a welcoming and creative atmosphere for you to nurture your own stories in.

If you loved Deep Space Nine, DS5 is the sim for you! Come check us out at


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