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Costs: Free
Frequency: Open
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: star Trek Simulation
Last-Update: 2015Jun09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


Looking for something new in Trek? you may just find it here at ANTIOCH. This sim is based in 2288 and revolves around the Planet ANTIOCH a world in the Solomon System that was founded by Templar Colonists. The world is peaceful and lush. The Templar's are fantastic host of Starfleet and all Federation people. However the sim is complex in the fact that the Templar's are an advanced culture. We are looking for long term writers to bring their characters here. The sim offers a lot for writers who would wish to design and research. ANTIOCH is an independent Sim without all the common Fleet constraints in Science and engineering. A few new and interesting positions for Starfleet Officers... Right now we need a strong Starfleet Sector Commander who will establish formal relations with the Planet and assist us in getting a Treaty with the Federation. This will just be the beginning.

Star Trek Antioch also provides a spot for you to "Park" a few of your Characters in a somewhat retirement location and archive those characters until you start to write for them again. Saving them for history on our manifest. We do have missions on the Planet but writers can participate when and as they chose to.

Plans for Universities and schools to place your Scientists and Engineers! Faculties and places to share your designs and theories.

On Antioch you can apply for duel citizenship and become a Templar Citizen. However this is a challenge to any writer.

We have a place for all talent, new or experienced. So stop by and see us and help us to open a new world.


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