Star Trek: USS Comet

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Type: Star Trek deep space exploration
Last-Update: 2015Nov01
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The year is 2404, and Starfleet has begun the most ambitious mission of exploration yet. The USS *Comet*, will leave Federation space to unveil the mysteries of the furthest regions of the Alpha Quadrant. Beyond the help of Starfleet, her intrepid crew will face the wonders and dangers of deep space relying only on each other. It is the skill and determination of this crew that will allow them to triumph against all odds, face down every challenge, and expand their knowledge of the universe.

The mission begins at a pivotal time for the United Federation of Planets. A former ally has become an enemy. An empire seeks to reclaim its lost glory. Hidden threats move at the highest levels. The Borg are sure to return soon. All these troubles the *Comet* will leave behind, a symbol of the ideals of Starfleet's mission of peaceful exploration and the Federation's attempt at benevolent coexistence. A symbol of hope in a time of darkness.

The USS *Comet* simulation is not just a game but a creative writing group of high standards. We expect much from our players, from the quality of their writing to how they enrich the community. We stand alone, but unique, in the world of simulations by honouring the original ideals and philosophies of Star Trek. The differences between us are to be cherished and celebrated, finding a common bond. In all the life forms we meet, dilemmas we surmount, and the mysteries we unravel, we see a part of ourselves reflected. Join us as we, the crew of the *Comet*, leave a shining trail across the galaxy.

As an independent sim, we are free to explore the kinds of characters, concepts, and future that can help set Comet apart from other games. Our small and close cast of members are writers, not just players, who are seeking others who want to try something different. The game itself is run through the NOVA system that many are familiar with, and is an 18+ simulation. We are currently recruiting for a wide variety of positions, many of them unique to our game. The Comet also offers rewards and missions unique to our simulation, including the Starfleet Academy mission to take a trip back into the past!

Thank you for taking the time to look over the game, and wherever you may find a place to write and have fun, on behalf of the crew of the USS Comet we wish you the best.


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