Moonsea Legends

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Type: 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
Last-Update: 2015May06
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Moonsea Legends

"The Moonsea is a bleak cold wilderness. Man does not rule here. He cowers behind stone walls in desperate packs."

Galauntar Hawkhelm Year of the Spur

Call for Players

This is a call for players using the new 5th Edition rules. I am looking for individuals interested in starting a new campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. It will take place in the year 1355 DR and will involve the reclamation of the ruins of Phlan. If you have knowledge of this adventure setting it is fine, as I have altered much of the source material. The old gray box set is a big inspiration.

I have spent over a year preparing for this campaign. I hope you are impressed by the scope. It will be pure sandbox, driven by player decisions. Please be aware that I do not tailor encounters to player levels. I have mapped out a lot of the setting in advance and will keep it as it is. Use your discretion. If you decide to hunt down a dragon at low levels expect to perish. Poor choices are far more likely to kill you than bad dice rolls.

I encourage you to write well developed backgrounds to your characters, however please note this campaign is based around the Moonsea. If you write an elaborate backstory in Waterdeep it will probably never impact your play. All standard classes are acceptable including any alignment. I will consider permitting evil characters within reason. Please reference the house rules for further information.

I can assist those players who lack access to the 5th edition player's handbook.

I will be creating a group on for this campaign. Please send your characters to the following email address:

I look forward to your submissions and appreciate your interest.


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