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Costs: None
Frequency: Twice a week
Type: Modern, Superhero, Mutant, Small town
Last-Update: 2015Mar17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, modern, rpg


Inspired by the hit British television show Misfits.Freaktown is a PBeM RPG hosted on Google Groups.

A freak, supernatural storm has made its way across the United States. Power outages. Destruction. Some cities and towns have had more damage. Other places have had less. Some parts of the country only received a little rain. Pagatowr (Algonquian for the word "Corn"--pronounced "Paga-toar" by locals) dab smack in the middle of central Illinois, wasn't ruined by the near apocalyptic weather, but it has been one of the towns particularly affected by the strange currents that had descended from the sky.... Giving some of the citizens supernatural abilities.

They are far from heroes. They're no X-men. They are--were--regular Americans. Normal jobs. Families. Normal lives and problems. As the rest of the country begins to deal with the aftermath of the storm, the townspeople of Pagatowr, a town with a mere population of 13,535, try to figure out how handle their lives being turned upside down.

The people affected by the storm are dubbed Storm Freaks. Some of them hide. Some come out into the open. Normals--people who weren't affected--are wary. There are those that are accepting, and those that condemn the Storm Freaks. Religious folks are in a frenzy, claiming that the apocalypse has struck, the devil's power spreading. Law enforcement doesn't know what to do with the increasing numbers of known Freaks being discovered.

They are teachers, kids, teenagers, old folks, doctors, waitresses. The unassuming and the bold. Those of low morals and the God-fearing, and those inbetween. Anyone can be a Freak. For some, being a hero has always been a dream, like in the comic books, no matter his or her power. For others, his or her ability is a nuisance, just god awful. Others, like thieves, con artists and criminals, have seemingly won their jackpot.

Pagatowr is no exception just because it's a small place.

This middle of nowhere town has just become far from boring.


Game officially starting March 23rd, 2015. Looking for a variety of abundance of everything. Males, females, all sexual orientations. All professions. All ages. Different powers. Normals, as well Locals.

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A little about me. My name is Elena. This is not my first time running a game. As a moderator, I value quality writers and quality characters. I have personally been out of a good game in a while, whether it be my own or someone else's. With Freaktown, I hope to create excitement and action. I do not want this to be a slow game. I will work hard on plots I throw out. But I would love players to collaborate and bounce back and forth ideas with each other and build on the Freaktown's premise. I do not tolerate drama within games.

This game will be mature, R-rated. Adults only. If you are under 18, either do not tell me, or ask a parent. Every player must be mature enough to handle adult themes or ignore them. The idea of a storm striking people with supernatural powers has been used, yes, but I have never found it in game form. And so here it is!

Let me know if you have questions. I'd be happy to answer. Please send in your character applications if you are interested. They'll be reviewed by me--usually within a few days or sooner.


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