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Costs: 4 GB pounds/turn
Frequency: player/GM dependant
Email: ringill@yahoo.co.uk
URL: http://ringill.freeforums.net/
Type: Original fantasy RPG, free form
Last-Update: 2015Mar11
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg, abstract


Ringill is a narrative game, aimed at those players who value character creation and storytelling over maxing stats, hording magic items and counting gold coins. It is set in a world of classic fantasy, drawing inspiration from norse legends, Tolkien, Gygax, Scott Rohan, Abercrombie and many more of a similar vein. It is like many RPG games, but the same as none!

The mechanics of the game are removed from the player, you just describe your characters action's and decision's, then await the game/story to unfold. No dice rolling, no modifiers, no stats; all are kept from you (the player). That's not to say they are not included, the more the character is fleshed out with detail and personality, the more factors can be brought into play to affect the turn. It is a new style of gaming, but you get a rich, bespoke adventure, set in a custom made world where anything is possible.

The game is running in beta at the moment whilst any wrinkles are ironed out, so you have the chance to get in at an early stage. The forum gives rules and source material which is being expanded all the time, as well as the adventures of other for players to read and enjoy. Character creation and first post are free, so if you don't like it, it won't cost you anything! The GM will answer any questions you have and ensure you get the experience you want, whether that be the type of adventure, style of writing or providing extra detail to enhance your character, it's all part of the service.

So try something new, create the adventure you've always wanted!


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