Oceania Wrestling Association OWA

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One per week
Email: aparker3@vodafone.co.nz
URL: http://aparker3.wix.com/oceania-wrestling [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy Wrestling
Last-Update: 2015Feb21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, rpg, sports


The OWA is new as of today so in the recruiting stages. It is a regional promotion so no big PPV just a big show every 4-6 weeks and one Saturday Night show every week. The shows are run from arenas, gyms and halls from Towns and cities in New Zealand and a few from The Australian East Coast. Become apart of a new promotion from the land downunder.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELCOME TO THE OCEANIA WRESTLING ASSOCIATION TOGETHER LETS MAKE IT GREAT! OWA History


First off, please understand this is a hobby of mine, something to do when I have downtime and something to get enjoyment out of myself. Lets have fun and treat each other with respect and treat each other as adults here. I do have a few rules in general and also some general information about OEW.

This promotion is for created wrestlers only, NO real life wrestlers or wrestlers that closely resemble real life will be accepted. I will be using my offical copy of TEW 2010 to run alot of the aspects of this promotion.

As we are not some big global wrestling promotion (yet) we do not have TV time nor do we do PPV. All shows are filmed live and packaged onto cool DVD's and some of our bigger shows even have it streamed on the internet.

Our in house shows will be from various towns, and cities across New Zealand to start with and these will be run once a week on a Saturday night (NZ time +12 hrs GMT). The time and place will be listed on the Events page and also on the main page. The bigger shows will be like our normal shows but usually at a bigger arena and as mentioned this will also be streamed via the web as well as on DVD. At this stage these will happen every 4-6 weeks and will usually be on Sunday nights (NZ time +12 hrs GMT).

I am going to have a cap of 25 wrestlers and 5 manger/valets to start with. Each member can only have one wrestler or one tag team. If your wrestler has a manager/valet please fill in additional information about them on the application. Only one manager/valet allowed per member. All applications are looked at by myself at the moment and if you are successful you will be notified and added to the roster. If you are not successful you will be notified of the reason why and given a chance to reapply. Realistic wrestler stats please. No 8 foot 500 pound giants all over the show either.

At the moment everything will be fairly basic and the majority will be run from the website. Roleplays will need to be submitted via email in these early stages. Once an application has been accepted I will provide more contact details for you.


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