Bronze Fist 2: In Search of the Gods

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 1 per Week
Type: Ancient Historical Grand Strategy
Last-Update: 2014Oct21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, economic, rpg


Introduction The year is 200 BC, and the world is rapt in conflict, the Roman and Carthaginian Republics fight for supremacy. The mighty Hannibal has been defeated and Scipio Africanus stands both envied and victorious. To the east Antiochus III stands tall and proud, his strength assured and his throne secure, his eyes have begun to turn west towards his bloodlines ancestry. Macedon stands proudly holding the lands of the once mighty Macedonia Empire, its lands the last remnants of the Argead and Antipatrid empire that ruled most of the eastern world. To the south Ptolemeic Egypt sits securely across the nile the ancient Ptolomeic dynasty stretching as far back as the great general himself. Its into this world that you step as a ruler who may be destined to unite these lands. The gods watchover you, Ruler I bid you luck!

What is Bronze Fist? Bronze Fist 2: In Search of the Gods is the second incarnation from Imperial Gaming; the first game saw a nation sim set after Alexander's conquests where players ran provinces or other nations in a quest for glory and domination. Bronze Fist 2 is set later that Bronze Fist and encompasses the great rise of Rome and the conflicts that ravaged the eastern mediteranean. As ruler or one of the head of states you enter this tumultuous time. There are several differences between the original incarnation the main being that all national information is stored on an excel spreadsheet, which covers everything ranging from your states finances to where your armies are situated.

Currently the is in its infancy and with time will grow, with that in mind Bronze Fist 2: In Search of the Gods also has another aspect to the game called pride of nations.

What is Pride of a Nation? The fires of the Europe rage as a lone figure stands tall his face contorted by the shapes of things to come, no one stands beside him, his destiny is in his hands, Lords, Ladies, Kings and Queens all sit before him, what will become of him no one knows only the guiding spirit of the mans temperament.

Welcome to pride of a nation , Pride of a Nation is a role playing game set within the world of Bronze Fist, this means that players of Pride of a Nation play a single character seeking to make his way in the world somewhere down the social scale than those in Bronze Fist. The result of this gameplay development is that those who play Pride of a Nation will spend less time developing orders, Pride of a Nation is a game that is designed to be quick and easy to play if you want more then there is always Bronze Fist.

Pride of a Nation gives both games a unique edge, just an example would be if you wanted to gain a place within the royal army, you would need to gain attendance before the king which is no easy feat, the king will also be a player who will have his own aims and goals.

I bid you luck intrepid explorer on your quest for glory, for your trials have only just begun!

How to Play Pride of a Nation runs alongside Bronze Fist as we have already discovered, but how you play is very simple. You issue your orders alongside that of your Bronze Fist counter parts, these orders cover your goals for the month. If you are interested in playing Pride of a Nation simply email your interest to and I will reply as promptly as I can.


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