The Stasis Theory: A Supernatural, modern RPG set in Los Angels, California.

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Costs: Free
Frequency: twice per week minimum
Type: supernatural, horror, modern
Last-Update: 2014Oct13
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, modern, rpg


Supernatural species have lived amongst humans ever since the dawn of time. Over decades, and even centuries, they have honed their survival skills to remain elusive, and have managed to keep their identities under the radar quite well. Most blend into the population easily, right beside humans: They work together, eat beside them, drink beside him, have fun, and simply live their everyday lives. They're the neighbor next door, the boss at the firm, the cook at the restaurant, the celebrity on the television screen, and even the nurse or lawyer. Most of the population will never know what lurks beside them behind that friendly smile. Yet sometimes, there are slip-ups.

Recently, there has been a state of unrest and tensions amongst the supernatural communities in Los Angeles. After all, technology has been on the rise for decades now, and the species have had to be extra vigilant around humans. Also, there have been occurrences of foul play not tolerated by any of the groups: Murders, violence, harassment. Some incidents are caught on tape, and posted on YouTube. Some are hard to distinguish between the species. Some are carefully calculated, and suspicious. Species' leaders point fingers at each other, meet together--a rare occasion--to discuss what to do. Humans grow more afraid. Human authorities are baffled. Hunters are tightening their policing, trying to solve the crimes, their prejudice increasing.

Is there a group responsible? The crimes are becoming more organized. Is there a rogue leader?

There are some members of the different species who want to be exposed to humans, want to come out--either to live beside them freely, or to dominate. Are those individuals to blame?

The Stasis is wavering. Will it tip? Or will the species join together to keep it strong?

Decide on a side.

The Stasis Theory is a PBeM Role Playing Game hosted on Google Groups.

Opening Monday October 13th, and Now Accepting Character Applications. We have some really great high-quality writers on board, and we are looking for more! We are heavy on character realism (within our world) and we encourage character development. We have a really great plot, which will involve the supernatural world bursting into the open in game sometime in the future.

If you are interested, please visit, the "How to Join" page on the game wiki.

Character-wise, we need a bit of everything. Werewolves, vampires, hunters, humans. Men and women--all ages. All sexual orientations. Any affiliations. Got ideas? The mods are very open for discussion regarding character applications.

Game website:


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