Death Before Dishonor

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Costs: free for reliable players
Frequency: once per month (1 week deadlines)
Type: Engarde!
Last-Update: 2014Aug20
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, fantasy, historical, rpg


This is an Engarde! variant that I drafted a long time ago and have recently picked back up. It is a tongue in cheek RP game and the rules are in a PDF packet that I will mail to you once you commit to playing.

It is 1630, and you are a gentlemen of some wit and ability coming to Paris seeking fortune and fame. Or perhaps you are seeking intrigue and opportunities to rise up the social ladder of Parisian culture.

Each person in the game will receive a private email containing information about your character statistics as you advance.

The game will end when some successfully raises their Social Level to 25 wins the game.

Send me an email with your characters name, and I'll set you up

Joe Carl


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Greg Lindahl