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Costs: $1 per match
Frequency: continuous
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Modern Sports
Last-Update: 2014Feb06
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, computer, modern, sports


ACE Wrestling is a pay to play wrestling game where you create and manage your own wrestler(s). You then compete against other wrestlers from all over the world. ACE originally began in 1993 as a play by mail game. It has evolved over the years to become an innovative concept. Players no longer have to adhere to a deadline, or wait for results to arrive via postal mail. This game is a continuous and ongoing virtual reality. Matches are processed in the order they are received, and results are soon posted afterwards. (Usually within a week depending on the volume received)

Recruiting New Players

When you get a new player to sign up, and they spend at least $10, you will receive $5 in credits.


ACE offers REAL CASH and other prizes! A division champion that holds onto a title for 3 months straight will win 10 FREE MATCHES. A world champion the holds a title for 3 months straight will receive 20 FREE MATCHES. The King/Queen of the Ring wins a CASH PRIZE!

King / Queen Of The Ring

The King / Queen of the Ring is a world battle royal champion. This event is held at random times (at least monthly). The cost to enter is $1, and the winner gets all the CASH, the title, and a FREE shot at any world title of their choice! To enter, just write KQOTR on your match requests. This event is basically run like a lottery, as there is no strategy involved. It is every wrestler for themselves in this event. So there are no alliances between partners or stables.


ACE has different divisions to compete in and you may compete in as many divisions as you wish. However, you will need to create a different wrestler for each division as it is not realistic for the same wrestler to compete in more than 1 division at a time. You do not have to actually live in the country your wrestler competes in.

Creating Wrestlers

To create a wrestler, simply fill out the wrestler creation form. Try to be original when choosing a name for your wrestler. If you must use a real pro's name, try to change it slightly. (Ex: Ric Flair could be changed to Rick Flare.) This makes the name more unique. Players assume all responsibility when using a real pro wrestler's name. Any inappropriate or vulgar names will be banned from competing.


Your wrestler's strategy is totally up to you. You pick or create 8 moves/holds. Please give a brief description when creating your own moves. You may even create signature or finishing moves. Once you create your wrestler's moves, you decide damage each move/hold inflicts on your opponent. Make sure that the total damage points for your moves equals 100 points.

Computer Program

During a match, the computer randomly selects a certain number of moves from each wrestler. Once these moves are selected, the total damage points for those moves are added together and the wrestler with the most damage points wins the match. In the event that both wrestler's damage points are the same, the match will result in a tie. Therefore, the result will be declared a time limit draw, double count out, etc. The amount of time a match takes will be determined by the margin of the damage point totals for the moves selected. For example: a match where the point difference is high, the match time will be low. Wrestlers that are more evenly matched will have longer match times.

Win/Loss Records

The object of the game is to win! Wrestlers are ranked according to their win/loss records. (This is very important.) Your wrestler's win/loss record affects his/her experience. It also affects their chances of receiving title matches.


Strategy is the major factor in determining the outcome of a match. However, experience does help. A more experienced wrestler may prevail over a rookie with a similar strategy.


Jobbers or enhancement talent will be identified with a * in the rankings. A match against a jobber is a guaranteed win for your wrestller! This enables your wrestler to build up his/her win/loss record and gain valuable experience.


The top title in ACE is of course the world title! Only a division champ may challenge for the world title. A division champ is the top wrestler in each division.

Dq's and Count outs

Wrestlers will lose their titles via dq or count out. This prevents a wrestler from holding a title longer than they should.

Match Requests

To request matches for your wrestler, simply fill out the match request form. ACE can run most types of matches. (Singles, tag team, six-man, cage, 3-way, chain, bullrope, 4 corners, ladder, hardcore, etc.) If you have an unusual type of match please send a note describing the rules. Matches must be paid for in advance. No matches will be run without payment in full. You may purchase match credits in bundles of 5 or 10. You may purchase as many bundles as you wish. Every 6th match is free! So the more matches you order, the more free matches you receive! You can also bank credits to your account for use at a later time. This may be a good idea on payday while you have the money and can use them later. You can also send in matches via United States Postal Service (USPS). Just print out the: USPS match request form and mail it in. (See address on form.)

Comments and Attacks

Comments and attacks can be sent in via email. (Put Ring Posts in the subject line.) They will be posted on the RING POSTS page. (Please be realistic!) No wrestlers/managers can be killed or injured without their permission! Wrestlers may be fined or suspended for certain actions. Any attacks on an ACE official may result in immediate suspension!

Photos and Drawings

You may send in photos and drawings of your wrestlers. (Photos of real pros, tv stars, etc are allowed.)

Imaginary Money

Wrestlers earn "Imaginary Money" for competing in ACE. They win $500 for a win, $250 for a draw, and $0 for a loss. Champions earn an additional $1,000 for winning and defending a division title, and $5,000 for winning and defending a world title. Imaginary money may be used to purchase imaginary items such as robes, cars, bounties, pay fines, enter certain contests, etc...


Results of all matches, champions, rankings, win/loss records, imaginary money, comments, attacks, etc will be posted on the Website as they happen. This will be done in real time. (Not immediately.) There may be others ahead of you.

Pay Per View/Supercards

Pay Per View/Supercards are major events that take place from time to time. These special events have their own rules and entry fees.


If your match results are not posted within 30 days of purchase, you will receive full credit to your account and the matches will be free of charge!


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