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Costs: $5 per week.
Email: sorcererstorm@gmail.com
Frequency: Once per day, or at least every other day.
Type: Fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2013Nov09
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Character Creation:

Start at 5th Level. Map HP's for first level and roll the next 4 levels. Max gold according to lvl standards. No more than half of your gold can be spent on one single magical item. We will be going from level 5 to level 20, so please only apply if you are serious.

Classes: Nothing overly exotic: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard Beguiler, Crusader, Marshal, Scout, Shaman, Warlock, Bardic Sage, Battle Sorcerer, Divine Bard,Domain Wizard, Druidic Avenger, Paladin of Freedom, Savage Bard, Thug, Totem Barbarian, Urban Ranger, Wilderness Rogue. Others by request.

Any race may be Ok if they are run by me first. Up to 2 Traits/Flaws. And finally, NOTHING 3rd party.


Roll (Twice) 4d6, six times and Dropping the lowest of each roll. Re-Roll 1's Arrange how you want. If after rolling twice you still do not like your stats, you may use a 30 point buy.

Background: (What your characters know.)

You are currently living in the town of Marikest, or you have only been there for a while when you hear about Brightstone Keep. It is an abandoned castle about a day's march from the large town of Marikest.

In the old days, Brightstone Keep guarded a mining settlement, but humanoids overran the area. Recently, an army drove back the humanoids and the people of Marikest hoped Brightstone Keep would be rebuilt and used to watch the frontier--but the army has moved on, leaving the keep unoccupied.

The townsfolk worry that humanoids or other monsters will return to Brightstone Keep and use it as a base of operations to raid Marikest. The army's presence has kept the humanoids at bay so far, but everyone knows the wars have moved on.

Available Character Hooks:

You may choose your own obviously but here are a few that you may use.

It's an Adventure: The PCs have heard of the army's departure and Marikest's concerns about rampaging humanoids and other monsters. They've heard Brightstone Keep may become a haven for evil again, and they wish to stop that from happening.

A Friend in Need: One of the sheriff 's guards is an old friend (perhaps a retired adventuring companion or former hireling) and contacts the PCs on the town's behalf. The sheriff, Reg Ty-Djarling, has lost nearly all his guards to the departing army and has his hands full keeping the peace around town. He has no guards to spare for an investigation of Brightstone Keep (even though the Town Council is extremely worried). He's willing to pay a group of adventurers 100 gp each (600 gp maximum) to go to the Keep, scout around, and report back with any useful information.

A Soldier's Tale: The PCs learn of Brightstone Keep while in a town other than Marikest. A drunken old soldier, recently stationed in Brightstone Keep ("a rundown, broken old castle if I ever saw one!") tells them a legend of fabulous treasure to be found in the mines behind and below the keep. He says that he actually went into the mines (completely against orders--the shafts are dangerous and unstable) and shows the PCs a large, uncut gem (worth about 50 gp) that he says he found there. Unfortunately, his unit was ordered out of the area before he could explore the mines any more.

Any Questions just ask. Storm


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